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March 22, 2024

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When the word Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes to mind, some people may find it alarming, whilst others are excited. As the world develops, so does technology, and AI has become a part of our daily lives in very innovative ways.

AI has transformed our outlook on the world and influenced how we approach different daily tasks. We use AI in everything we do, from taking photos to designing a poster or creating social media content.

Join us as we explore the many AI tools available in each task and how you can use AI capabilities to enhance your creative thinking.

AI tools for photo editing

Every smartphone has a camera that allows the lighting to be adjusted, and you can even change some effects and alter the background without using an app. Let's go ahead and jump in and see which AI tools are available for you.

Adobe Sensei

Also called Generative AI, this tool is integrated into the Adobe Creative Cloud application. It uses machine learning to enhance photo editing.

The AI can even automate tasks like object removal and colour correction and suggest creative enhancements. This app takes photo editing to the next level. Adobe offers Sensei and a more comprehensive range of possibilities for you to explore, from Firefly to an AI assistant, all in one place. Amazing, isn't it?

Google Photos

All mobile phones have access to the Google Photos application. Have you ever looked into it and what it can do? Google Photos uses AI for intelligent categorisation and automatically organising your mobile device's photo gallery. It even uses an AI-driven search option, making finding photos a walk in the park.

This AI tool mainly removes photos' backgrounds, isolating certain subjects in your image quickly and easily. The tool uses a specific algorithm to detect and remove backgrounds quickly, saving photographers and designers a lot of time.

Bing AI

Image generation has not been more accessible than using Bing AI, using advanced algorithms to create images that are beautiful and something you have never seen. The Bing AI application can transform your photo or create a new photo in seconds, using artistic styles and themes inspired by famous artwork.

When looking for one application that does everything, please don't worry about anything else. Bing AI can even edit your photo, like correcting colour, removing and editing backgrounds, and even making a simple photo you took look like a professional has taken it.

The photo editing AI tools continue to evolve, and their impact on users, especially in the arts, is promised to be taken to a higher level.

The impact AI tools have in the design world

Artificial Intelligence has transformed the world of design, eliminating most of the traditional ways by improving and simplifying the creative capabilities of users.

We will look into some of the key AI tools that play an integral part in various fields of design.

Generative Design

Generative AI-driven design tools use algorithms to explore the different design options. This speeds up the process of brainstorming ideas and gives you an immediate solution. Improving your turn-around time for projects equals higher customer satisfaction.


Would you like some help to convert your website design into HTML? Stay calm, and use Fronty. Fronty is the most accessible AI tool for generating HTML and CSS code images. Just upload your website design in image format and let Fronty do the work. It even allows you to edit and customise the website using a no-code editor to change your colours and content.


When you want one of the most popular AI tools today, then Fontjoy is your match. Fontjoy is used worldwide by many design companies.

This tool generates the perfect font combinations for all your projects. It allows you to easily adjust the contrast between fonts until you find the different fonts that work perfectly together. When you have your favourite fonts, you can "lock" them to create perfect personalised pairings.

The only thing that annoys most designers is that this tool only has access to the Google Fonts library.

Visual Eyes

Making your website "live" without being difficult to read and understand is easy with the Visual Eyes tool. Visual Eyes allows you to upload your websites and AI-powered apps for user testing.

This tool uses eye-tracking studies that are 93% accurate to help you identify problems in your design, and it gives you ways to improve the issues identified.

There are many different AI tools for designers. You can research and take advantage of the AI tools available to improve your work.

AI tools for content writing that do the job

Next, we will explore using Artificial Intelligence in Content Writing. Some AI tools content writers use are not to do their work completely. Instead, they use them to improve the quality and performance of their content.

Jasper AI

Jasper is best used for long-form content, like blogs, articles, and website copywriting. This tool is for businesses and marketing teams. Jasper has a free trial but no free plan. In today's climate, you can't expect anything to be free. It costs $49 monthly for individuals and around $125 for teams. Of course, you get a discount if you pay an annual subscription upfront.

This AI tool is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and freelancers. You can customise your document based on length and tone. This is a great AI tool for freelancers to use when they need help cutting down the time of their creation process. What makes this tool great is the fact that it targets your needs. knows the challenges of working virtually.


Sudowrite is one of the more unique writing tools you can use if you focus more on writing fiction and creative writing. This tool generally helps writers complete their work and only do some writing. It is a good choice if you are a beginner writer or an experienced professional.


This excellent AI tool focuses on rewriting only. You paste your written content into Quillbot, which will work its magic, like paraphrasing your writing. Quillbot is best suited for students, writers, and professionals who must rewrite or optimise content and avoid plagiarism.

While AI is a great tool, it can’t beat content written by the human hand. Especially when it comes to doing thorough research and writing relatable content, keep this in mind if you ever attempt to use these tools for yourself.

AI for social media content creation

Using AI tools in content writing can be very useful, but keeping AI from taking over is best.

When creating content for social media through videos or content writing, you know all eyes will be on you. With the help of some AI inspiration, you can be the best there is, use them wisely and improve your skills. Let's glance at some next.


The name of this tool says it all. Some people say it is number one in their hearts. This tool can do it all in the social media environment. Hootsuite offers a free caption generator for the not-so-creative thinkers. Creating social media posts using the voice of a very excited soccer coach, the late Queen of England, and many more. There is something for everyone.

Hootsuite features another tool, OwlyWriter AI, which you can use to generate social media post ideas by only providing a keyword.

Magic Studio

If you are into the visual game, then Magic Studio is the dream you've been waiting for. This AI tool can create product photos with backgrounds and themes from another dimension. Magic Studio can create photos only from a text prompt, so the next time you need a pretty profile photo, ask Magic Studio for help.


Are you a LinkedIn blogger? What do you want to say on the tip of your tongue but can't get the words right? If the answer is yes to these questions, then this AI tool is for you.


Use Murf whenever you need a voice-over for your social media posts or to create a short video clip for advertising. We all know actors can be pretty expensive, and finding the best one for the job is difficult. Murf produces the perfect voice-overs. It can be set to create audio in different tones and moods. It has more than 100 voices in 20+ languages.


This AI tool took social media platforms and the whole world by storm. Did you know ChatGPT was listed as a co-author in a South Park episode?

ChatGPT is a tool social media content creators love because it can produce captions and write long-form posts. But like any other, it also has its limits. It may be challenging to find the right tone without giving very specific instructions to the AI, and your followers are likely to notice that it is AI-generated content.

Do you believe everything the AI gives you? If you answered yes, think again. AI tools like ChatGPT can also lie to you, so be sure to fact-check the content produced by these tools.

Unlocking Potential: The Conclusion of AI Tools Exploration

As the AI world continues to grow, the possibilities to which level it will go next are endless. It can improve your business and even enhance customer experiences. AI tools are shaping our daily lives at home, creating content, or in the workplace. Just to make sure you think carefully before you let AI take over.

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