9 weird facts about the human body

by Polly in Fun Facts

March 27, 2024

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How strange is it that we all have a human body yet know so little about it? We know the basic mechanics of how to use and take care of it, but we are clueless when it comes to the little, interesting things.

It's almost like buying expensive equipment and skimming over the manual, hoping you got all the facts. Today, we put the human body under the microscope for a closer look and learn some weird and wonderful facts.

Strap in. Things are about to get funky. We guarantee you won't look at your body the same way after this.

1. It keeps growing

We are all aware that our height stops increasing after we hit puberty. But some things in the human body never stop growing. Thanks to gravity, your nose and ears will continue to grow. This kind of makes us think of Pinocchio and his growing nose or the big bad wolf as Grandma in The Little Red Riding Hood.

From now on, we'll be taking a closer look at our noses and ears. Taking a ruler to measure it seems weird, but there's a strong urge to do just that.

2. Oh, blush!

We blush when things are embarrassing or we feel embarrassed by something. While we may not know how to react in the moment, our bodies surely do. So, we blush as a display of emotions.

These emotions send blood to your face, which causes you to turn red.

When it comes to blushing, you need to know a couple of interesting things. The first is that humans are the only species that blushes. No other species blushes, although it can be normal to imagine your furry friend's cheeks turning pink when they find something embarrassing.

Another weird fact you definitely didn't know about blushing is that it's not just your cheeks that turn red! When you blush, you can feel it all the way to your tummy because the stomach lining also turns red. How crazy is that?!

3. Drink your milk

We are taught to drink milk from a very young age as it helps build and protect our bones. Human bones are very strong, but they can easily become fragile and cause problems in the long run.

This is why taking care of your body from a very young age and protecting your bones from any unnecessary damage is important.

Did you know that through your lifespan, you go from having 300 bones in your body to only 206 bones? This means that somehow, somewhere, you lose about 94 bones. It makes one wonder where these bones go since they can't just pack their bags and exit the building.

4. Turn up the volume

Have you ever wondered why there are songs that instantly put you in a calmer state, songs that make you want to shake your booty and songs that make you feel like you want to shake somebody else?

While it might not be the answer, it sure is interesting to know that your heart has the ability to sync up to the rhythm of the music you're listening to. It's really interesting how we respond to music as a whole.

Consider this: If 10 people in a room listen to the same song, you'll notice that they all have different reactions to it.

This is just a reminder of how amazing the human body really is. Humans have complex personalities, making us react differently to music. While some may have a physical reaction, others have none. It may be because of the type of instruments, tunes, vocals and composition. Or a result of your current state of mind/mood. Or maybe, your heart gets cranky when it synchs up with a certain rhythm.

5. Shut it down!

The human body is fascinating. It's intricately designed to work the way it does. Aside from being one of the most impressive machines functioning successfully daily, it also comes with its own failsafe.

Your body has a dive reflex which shuts down your bodily functions. It gets activated when you're submerged in water or you drown. And your brain shuts down to prevent any brain damage.

6. Shine on, baby

You've probably already heard that humans glow in the dark. However, we don't get to enjoy this illuminance because our eyes are too weak to detect it. So, really, we're a walking, talking glowstick ready to light up the darkest rooms.

7. That's gross

One thing you didn't know, and probably never needed to know, is that the average person's belly button is home to 67 different species of bacteria. That tiny fact is bound to send anyone into an over-hygienic state. You have to clean that belly button as often as possible. If you were eating while reading this, we sincerely apologise.

8. Strong as a shark

When it comes to the ocean, we adore many creatures, some of which we downright fear. Sharks often get a bad name since their bite is one that can either kill you or leave you with permanent damage.

However, you might be closer to these fierce creatures than you think. How you ask? Well, human teeth are just as strong as shark teeth. So be careful when you pull out those tiny weapons of mass destruction. But also, if a shark looks ready to chomp down on you, attack first and show it who's boss. We're only kidding, of course; try to avoid any shark bites. Stay on friendly ground.

9. Take a sniff

When it comes to our smelling abilities, there are plenty of fun facts to learn. The human body is a pretty magical place to live. First, there's the fact that we, as humans, all have our unique scent. Unless you're twins or triplets, they all smell the same. Your body gives off an odour that's uniquely you. It makes sense that there are so many stories with one person obsessing over the smell of their significant other. It's weird but true.

The most interesting thing is the fact that, according to scientists, our nose can recognise a trillion different scents. That's pretty impressive since you probably only recall some of them half the time. But your nose sure does.

You're all caught up on the most interesting facts about the body. If you know some other interesting facts about the human body, share them with us via any of our social media accounts.

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