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March 27, 2024

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Our mobile devices are full of them, and yet we know so little about them, so today, we explore mobile apps.

While you might know how most apps on your mobile device work, there are so many fun facts to learn about them.

We recommend you bookmark this page so that next time you run out of things to talk about; you can shock your company with a bunch of fun facts about mobile devices.

Let’s start with the shockers:


You probably already knew this, but it is worth repeating. Nearly 100% of screen time is spent on apps. Since the development of apps, there has been non-stop creation, with hundreds of different apps to choose from.

There’s an app for pretty much anything nowadays. And with apps covering nearly all fields of interest, most people choose to spend their screen time using apps whether it’s a calming app, a dating app or a social media app like TikTok or Instagram.

Most people spend over 90% of their time on apps rather than simply browsing the internet. Anyone who owns a business might want to consider building an app to acquire and retain new customers.

An overload of apps

This is not a total shocker, but the reminder might shock you into cleaning up your mobile device and removing some unnecessary apps.

Did you know the average user has over 80 apps on their mobile device? The real kicker is that you tend to use 9, if not less, of these apps per day and around 30 every month.

This means that around 50 apps are lying dormant and taking up space. You should take a long, hard look at your current collection of apps and remove a couple to clear up memory space. If you haven’t used it yet, you probably never will.

Mobile gaming era

It appears we’ve entered the mobile gaming era. With the convenience of access on the go, mobile gaming has quickly become the go-to.

Fun fact – over 80% of mobile gamers are Android users. Gaming companies that focus on creating mobile gaming apps will do exceptionally well focusing on Android devices.

The valley of unused apps

By July 2022, Android users had 3.57 million apps to choose from, and Apple users around 1.85 million. This means that there are 1.5x more apps for Android devices.

Interestingly enough, around 1 million apps available on iOS have never been downloaded. It’s crazy to think so many apps have yet to be discovered.

The app library keeps growing

Considering the thousands of unused and uninstalled apps, you’d think the App Store already has enough. That doesn’t deter those eager to launch their mobile apps.

Over 100,000 apps are released monthly between Google Play and the Apple App Store. Google Play Store releases around 70,000 new apps every month, and the Apple App Store releases around 30,000. This means that we get access to around 3,000 new apps every day.

Shop online

It has already begun, but future predictions are that online shopping will be done mostly via mobile apps. According to research, over 50% of shoppers expressed that they prefer shopping via a mobile app instead of a website. The whole process is quicker and instantly accessible via a button. Something about the app layout streamlines the process.

On the clock

While some apps, like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok, have overcome the dead strike, the majority have a very short lifespan. It has been shown that most apps are never used again three days after installation. It takes a lot for an app to remain in use after it has been installed. In most cases, users simply lose interest once they’re done with their initial fascination.

Big money apps

Apps can be very profitable as app developers earn money for their development and payouts from the different app stores. It is stated that Apple has paid over $50 billion to app developers since 2008.

One of the most profitable is ‘Clash of Clans’ from Supercell. The app launched in 2012, bringing in over $5 billion, around $1.5 million per day.

With a side of ads

It seems that in-app advertisements might be annoying to some, but they have proven to be one of the largest sources of revenue generation. So, taking advantage of in-app advertisement opportunities might be worthwhile if you’re looking for solid leads.

In 2020, the mobile app revenue statistics showed that around $582 billion in revenue was made from ads. For apps with only around 1,000 active users, they can make around $10 to $200 million a day in ad revenue.

The most expensive app

Most apps tend to be free, with in-app purchase options for those who want the premium version instead of the free version, while the latter tends to be limited. However, the pricing tends to be fairly reasonable depending on what type of app you’re looking at. But there was one app that took the cake.

The ‘I am Rich’ app was priced at $999.99. You might think it had no interest, but eight people downloaded the app before App Store moderators took it down. And to think the only function of this app was to display a shiny gem and a positive affirmation.

Reality check

It’s pretty scary to think that the average adult spends around 4 hours and 39 minutes on communication apps in the US. That’s about 1/5th of a day. While this is great for app developers looking for a field to pursue, it’s also a reminder that you can give your eyes a break and go outside where talking is free and effortless.

We should focus more on in-person communication instead of spending many hours on mobile chatting apps.

2,700 strokes a day

It’s a smartphone world, and we’re just living in it. You may not be aware of how many times you’re unlocking your phone daily, but somewhere in the app world, someone is. Statistics show that the typical smartphone user unlocks their device 80 times daily, generating over 2,700 strokes/swipes daily.

It is time to put down the mobile device, stretch and embark on a real-time, real-world adventure. Give your eyes a break and go easy on the app use.

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