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Project Manager

CasinoWow is a Wow family of dedicated gambling masters, but nothing would've been the same without the Mama of our family!

Mira is our project manager but she’s the one that takes care of not only the content management but also the design and user experience on CasinoWow’s website.

You’ll find her reviewing online casinos because of her vast knowledge of gambling brands and affiliate management, and at the same time, you might catch her with an open Illustrator figuring out the new head looks of our site.

She is like an open map of CasinoWow, without the need for WiFi! There’s nothing that goes past her, and she’s been part of each process since the beginning of our brand.

Mira is passionate about graphic design, 3D architectural visualisation, innovations, arts, and anything that can truly inspire her and those around her.

Graduated successfully in London, UK, she thrives to always learning more each day and finding beauty in every step of it.

Sign: Aquarius
Superpower: Being a mediator and inspirer
What makes her smile: A bee on her flowers

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About our review process

We at CasinoWow, are committed to always providing the most unbiased and thorough reviews on casino brands, bonuses, games, providers, and license operators. Knowing what’s most important for the players’ sake, our work is always driven by the most important gambling insights and how to keep the gambling community informed, educated, and prepared. Learn more About us and how things get done, by becoming part of our Wow family!

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