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High Roller Casino Bonuses

High Roller online casino bonuses are generally tailor-made for big spenders, often referred to as “whales” in the industry. In most cases, High Roller bonuses include Cashback and high deposit match offers, so you can play with big bets for much bigger rewards.

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The nature of High Roller Bonuses

Generally, High Roller Bonuses are typically “Deposit Match Bonuses”, where the online casino will match the deposit made by a certain percentage up to a pre-determined limit. A typical High Roller bonus offer would look like this:

  1. 100% Match up to a deposit of €2,000 (the casino will match any deposit made, up to €2,000). For example deposit €2,000 and play with €4,000.

  2. 75% Match of deposit, up to a matching amount of €2,500 (the casino will match only 75% of the amount you deposit, up to a maximum match amount of €2,500).
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