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Provably fair gambling: The key to stress-free crypto casino entertainment

Published by Stelly | April 26, 2024

In the ever-changing world of online gambling, one of the pivotal turning points in the relationship between players and casinos has been the introduction of Provably Fair reporting.

Join us to learn more about the importance of transparency in relation to a positive gaming experience and how the blockchain, crypto casinos and Provably Fair reporting have changed this experience for the better.

The blockchain and crypto casinos

The bedrock of Provably Fair reporting was the invention of the blockchain in 2008 by the infamous founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

When Nakamoto released the whitepaper titled "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System", it presented the world with a revolutionary technology system with unparalleled security and anonymity potential - a necessity for the decentralised virtual currency they believed would become the global transacting method of the future.

The first implementation of blockchain technology came with the launch of Bitcoin in January 2009, but it would take until 2012 for the first blockchain-powered game of chance, SatoshiDice, to be released.

With the enhanced security, improved user anonymity, and decentralised currency inherent to the blockchain, we soon began to see full crypto casinos being launched. These crypto sites offered a range of advantages linked to the aforementioned blockchain features and the first cases of Provably Fair reports on the outcomes of games of chance.The value of provably fair gambling

When gambling transitioned from land-based to online, one of its primary challenges was whether online casinos could be trusted. In a brick-and-mortar gambling venue, you could watch the dealer handle the cards or query a slot machine outcome with the pit boss.

Online casinos lacked human interaction, and the anti-gambling pundits ran wild with stories of hacking and nefarious mob-style online casino owners who manipulated what players saw on the screen, making them believe they lost, even if they had actually won.

With the blockchain being a publicly accessible ledger where every entry is available for review and the fact that this ledger cannot be edited or rewritten, cryptocurrency casinos saw a way to break down this divide - simply show players the outcome of each game.

This desire for transparency and dedication to promoting fair gaming led to Bitcoin casinos offering Provably Fair reports in the casino software, which allowed players to review the result of any hand, spin, or roll of the dice directly on the blockchain without the need for input or assistance from a third party.

This was a groundbreaking evolution of online gambling as, until that point it was impossible to get the providers of online slots, table games, online poker and online bingo to reveal anything that had been recorded on the gaming server.

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Advantages of choosing provably fair casinos

If you are considering making the switch from traditional centralised server casinos to the security of a crypto casino, here are some of the benefits of changing over:

  • Enhanced anonymity and privacy: Crypto casinos often offer more anonymity and privacy than fiat casinos. Cryptocurrency transactions can be more discreet, appealing to players who value privacy.
  • The importance of decentralisation: Cryptocurrency casinos operate on decentralised blockchain networks, which can offer increased security and transparency. Players may trust these systems more, as a central authority does not control them.
  • Unfettered access worldwide: Crypto casinos can be accessed from anywhere in the world without restrictions based on traditional banking systems or local regulations. This can benefit players in regions with limited access to fiat currency gambling platforms.
  • Speedy transactions: Cryptocurrency transactions are typically faster than traditional banking methods. Deposits and withdrawals can be processed quickly, allowing players to access their funds without delays.
  • Lower fees and transaction costs: Crypto transactions may incur lower fees than fiat currency transactions, especially for international transfers. Players can potentially save money on transaction costs when using cryptocurrencies for gambling.
  • Provably fair reporting: Players can access reports within the casino software or use third-party ledger review tools to ensure that their results have been accurate and fair at any time.

Not only do blockchain-powered gambling sites offer all of the above benefits, but with popular casino software developers recognising the value of the space, the range and quality of available crypto games of chance now match any mainstream online casino.

Can online casino RNG be unfair?

Historically, exposing the backend of one's casino software for review has been considered dangerous, as it leaves the casino open to hacking attempts.

Unlike the blockchain, created as a decentralised ledger that could be viewed but not edited, traditional mobile and online casinos use a centralised server with no such features. Exposing the back end to the public would risk the safety of the entire server and the player data held there.

While the majority of traditional online casinos treated players fairly, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that the centralised server nature of these sites did mean that outcomes could be manipulated or, at the very least, that rather than the advertised return to player percentages of 94%-96% the odds could be tweaked to favour the operator.

This is why the regulation and legislation of the industry were so crucial to its growth and development. As part of any legal online casino licensing agreement, their game results and payout percentages are required to be audited by third parties such as Price Waterhousecooper and eCogra.

These companies randomly review and audit online casinos and report their findings to the various licensing boards where the gambling sites are licensed. Failures result in fines and even permanent loss of licensing.

How provably fair casino reporting works

To better understand how your spins on your favourite video slot end up being recorded for posterity on the blockchain, here is step by step look at how the Provably Fair gambling process works:

  1. Random number generation: This is the first and most important step, where random numbers are generated (RNG) to determine gaming outcomes.
  2. Seed generation: The casino game and the player's actions generate seeds, which are combined to create a unique starting point for the RNG algorithm.
  3. Hashing: The seeds are hashed using cryptographic functions (SHA-256 being the most common) to convert them into fixed-length strings representing specific values.
  4. Game play trackers: When the player makes a wager, regardless of the game being played, the system uses the hashed seeds to determine and record the results of these games.
  5. Outcome verification: Players can verify the fairness of the game by checking the seeds and confirming that the outcomes of their games match what they saw online.
  6. Gameplay recording and reporting: Game data, including seeds, bets, and outcomes, is recorded for reporting and auditing purposes. These reports will never expire or change.
  7. Blockchain integration: Some online casinos integrate blockchain technology to enhance transparency and record game data on a public ledger. However, this is true of all crypto casinos or games based on the blockchain.
  8. External auditing: Independent auditors review the recorded data to ensure fair operation and compliance with standards.

The best way to ensure you have access to Provably Fair reporting on all the games you play is to join a blockchain-based crypto casino, not a fiat casino offering a small selection of cryptocurrency-enabled games.

Tools for verifying provably fair results

While crypto casinos, based on the blockchain, tend to offer their customers in-house reporting tools to review the gaming results quickly and efficiently, there are other ways to see the outcomes of the games played.

If you want to take it a step further and ensure that even the hashed results displayed by the casinos you frequent are accurate, there are several ways to view seeds and associated values using external reporting tools.

  • Hash checkers are your friend: Players can use hash-checking tools to verify that the hashes provided by the casino match the actual game outcomes. These tools allow users to input the game seed and hash to confirm the integrity of the result.
  • Use provably fair verification tools: Many provably fair casinos provide platform verification tools. These tools allow players to input game details, such as seeds and hashes, to verify the fairness of game outcomes independently.
  • Make use of third-party services: Some third-party services specialise in verifying provably fair results for online casinos. Players can use these services to ensure that game outcomes are unbiased based on the provided seeds and hashes.
  • We love blockchain explorer: If the casino integrates blockchain technology, players can use blockchain explorers to track and verify transactions associated with their gambling activities. This provides an additional layer of transparency and verification.
  • Review trusted auditor reports: Independent auditors often publish reports on provably fair casinos, detailing their findings and verifying the fairness of game outcomes. Players can refer to these reports for additional assurance of fair gaming practices.

Not only would using these tools allow you additional peace of mind that your chosen casino partners are being honest and transparent, but being familiar with their use will also allow you to check the results of crypto casino games available through traditional casino sites.

Since these tools can view all blockchain ledger entries, they are not limited to gambling results. They also come in handy when tracking movement on your Bitcoin wallet and other cryptocurrency transactions, such as monitoring the processing of your crypto withdrawals.

Enjoying stress-free casino entertainment

Here are 7 ways in which you can secure your digital environment and truly experience stress-free casino entertainment at home:

  1. Activate two-factor authentication (2FA): For gambling online or any other site where you make financial transactions, ensure that you are notified by email or SMS when sending money or making changes to your profile using 2FA.
  2. Have a firewall in place: Firewalls ensure that no viruses or malicious apps make it onto your device and that your personal information isn't sent out without your permission. Windows comes with a robust tool called Microsoft Defender free of charge.
  3. Keep your software updated: Hackers will attempt to exploit known vulnerabilities. Keeping your mobile and computer software up to date ensures these vulnerabilities are patched and protected.
  4. Manage your privacy settings: Adjust your privacy settings for your online casino and home computer to the highest possible level, allowing the software to run without putting your personal information at risk. 
  5. Only use secure wi-fi: Public Wi-Fi hotspots are well known for being a great place to pick up a virus or get hacked, as you have no control over who is on the network and what they're doing. Instead, invest in a mobile hotspot for banking or gambling in public venues.
  6. Use a VPN in public spaces: Whether using your own hotspot or a public one, it is advised to use a virtual private network (VPN) when getting online at public venues. VPNs create an anonymous tunnel to the Internet, protecting your information from scrutiny.
  7. Check for SSL encryption: When visiting any website where you gamble or make a financial transaction, ensure that the latest Secure Socket Layer encryption secures it. You can check this by clicking the icon (which has changed from a lock to a slider) to the left of the website URL in the search bar at the top of the page.

Being able to prove that your preferred crypto casino offers accurate game payouts and follows fair gaming practices is an incredible step forward in allowing you to play online with peace of mind. However, we encourage you to refrain from resting on your laurels when safeguarding your personal data, crypto wallet, and day-to-day online use.

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