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Table Game Bonuses

Casino table games require exclusive table game bonuses with special requirements for play through, as general bonuses are not usually worth playing with low stakes games. Most general casino bonuses offered at casinos are geared for high stakes games like slots or keno, etc. As such, when playing these games, the wagering requirements are satisfied fully on a Euro for Euro basis.

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Wagering Requirement of table game bonuses

A wagering requirement refers to how many times you need to wager the deposit bonus amount before you are able to claim any wins off of the gameplay.

If you are offered a €100 deposit bonus with a wagering requirement of 30 times, it effectively means that you must wager €3,000 (100x30) before you can withdraw wins. If you are playing table games, like blackjack, each Euro you wager might only be worth 0.25, which means you would have to bet 4 times as much (€12,000) before you can draw on wins.

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