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Free Spins Bonuses

Free spins promotions are an integral part of the marketing strategy at online casinos. The competitive nature of the industry demands that casinos offer some amazing bonuses to coax gamblers to their sites. One of the more popular kinds of promotion on offer at online casinos is a “Free Spins Bonus” which appeals more to slot players.

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Bonus Spins or Free Spins: what's the deal?

Free Spins are traditionally casino bonuses offered to benefit slot players, as this offers complimentary spins of the reels with the opportunity to make some wins. In recent years, due to compliance and online gambling regulations the term "Free" had to be changed to "Bonus" spins. So all regulated online casinos are now using other terms to refer to promotions that include bonus spins.

In addition, the term "Free" can only be used when there are no wagering requirements attached and when no deposit is required to activate the bonus.

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