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The Best Online Baccarat Casino Games

Table Games might not be the most trending online casino games available to play, but they remain a favourite for many. Baccarat games, also known by many as Punto Banco, have been around for over centuries providing players with an interesting and highly rewarding entertainment source. Online Baccarat variants include some exclusive high limit games as well as mini mobile versions to play on the go.

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Play Bac Bo online

Bac Bo

Evolution Gaming

Bac Bo

  • Type Live Casino Games
  • Released10/01/2022
  • RTP98.97%
  • Jackpot88x bet
  • Volatilitymedium

Top Five Baccarat Online Casinos

Play all of your favourite Baccarat games at trusted online casinos! CasinoWow has selected for you these leading and top-rated casino brands! Make your choice, register, deposit and enjoy!

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Find everything you need to know about your favourite casino games and gambling specifics with our selected casino game guides! Read one of the recommendations below or visit the casino guides section for more.

A Beginner's Online Baccarat Guide

Baccarat also is known as Punto Banco in some regions is played at a table where the only bets that matter are that of the Player (Punto) and the Dealer (Banco).

If you’ve never played the Punto Banco game before it might come across as extremely difficult, but in reality, it’s a really simple game. The rules are fairly simple and the gameplay is quick to learn. Much like most other online casino games skill and strategy won’t get you far; it’s luck that gets you the big wins in Baccarat casino games.

During the game, two hands will be dealt, which is placed in front of the player and the dealer. The gameplay is relatively fast as both the dealer and the player is dealt a hand of two cards. The hand with the highest number value is the winner of the round.

Winning is part of what confuses most players as it is determined by the last single digit of the total. This is only if the hand has more than 1 digit, in most cases, there is only 1 digit as all face cards and 10’s have zero point value. Only cards numbered 1 to 9 are counted towards a winning hand.

Thus, if you have a hand that equals 15, then the hand’s total will be 5.

Baccarat Betting options

In this simple card game, you get to bet on the Dealer or the Player’s hand. During the gameplay, especially when playing a live casino baccarat variant, the dealer can also choose where to bet. However, in most cases, it is expected of the dealer to bet on the Banker’s hand.

It’s interesting to note that betting on the Player’s hand results in a house edge of 1.24% while betting on the Banker’s hand results in a 1.06% house edge. There is a third betting option known as the Tie, which is when you bet on both hands having equal value. With this option, the house edge rises to a solid 14.4%, which makes it better to avoid this bet when possible.

Pro Tip: Generally, the best bet would be the Banker’s hand, but you can follow the shoe. Look at the last few hands to find a betting pattern where either the banker or the player won most rounds.

Play at the Best Online Baccarat Casinos

With all the knowledge you’ve gained on the classic card game that has kept players entertained for centuries, it’s time to try your luck for real money.

It’s important to find an online casino that offers a larger gaming variety, so you don’t feel the need to switch to another later on. Check out our list of top-rated Baccarat online casinos on this page to find the one most suitable to you.

Once you’ve got a casino you want to play at all you need to do is fund your account and start playing some Baccarat casino games. You can also have a look at our list of newest table games bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Baccarat games online with Real Money?

Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, is a very popular table game around the world. All of our recommended online casinos offer real money Baccarat betting on both desktop pc and your preferred mobile device.

Why Baccarat games are played slower than other card games?

On average a hand of Baccarat takes around 40 seconds. The reason for this slower deal-to-deal time is due to players needing to work out the math of their cards and trying to predict draws like Pairs or Ties and is an accepted part of the ritual of playing Baccarat.

Which is the best game provider of live online Baccarat games?

When it comes to exciting high-quality online Baccarat no one can beat Evolution Gaming. They are the leaders in live dealer table games and offer several entertaining Baccarat variants for you to enjoy including Multi-Camera Baccarat, Live Baccarat Squeeze and Lightning Baccarat.

What is the maximum bet on online Baccarat?

The size of your maximum Baccarat bet at your preferred online casino will depend on your VIP status and history with them. As crazy as it sounds the largest recorded single bet on a game of Baccarat would be worth $27 million by today’s standards.

What is the highest win potential (x bet) on Baccarat?

Despite its simple premise, Baccarat offers a fantastic range of payouts depending on who you choose to back with your bets and the cards that are dealt. Taking a side bet on either the Banker or Player being dealt a Perfect Pair (matching rank and suit) pays out 25:1!

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