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Modern casino games: Where gambling and video games meet

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As modern online casino games become more of an adventure, it's hard for regulators to navigate what's safe and what's not.

The world of gambling has changed dramatically over the years. Moving from land-based casinos and more traditional gambling to what we have today - online casinos, a digital adventure that changes daily.

While the rise of online gambling has made playing your favourite casino games easier and more convenient, it incorporates more and more elements of gamification into traditional games.

Gambling and gamification

Gambling, in its many forms, has always been about the chance of winning. Whether it's Roulette, Poker, or online slots, the luck required to win makes it exciting. But modern casino games are taking on a new face.

More and more, software providers are adding gamification to their creations. These elements can be found in modern video games, such as storytelling, character creation, and interactive gameplay. It adds a new way of experiencing casino games.

Among the casinos that best implement those kind of games are: 

If you're a fan of gamified experiences, exclusive rewards, and the flexibility of choosing between traditional currency and cryptocurrency payments, then MyEmpire Casino is the perfect fit for you.

Casino Heros stands out for its captivating gamification features, inviting you to personalize your journey by selecting an avatar and embarking on an exploration of Hero Island.

With over 1500 games, Wazamba presents a thrilling jungle-themed adventure, boasting vibrant animations and bold designs to immerse players in an exciting gaming experience.

As casino games pivot to a more gamified way of playing, they blur the lines between gambling and video games. This can make it very hard for gambling regulators to determine what's harmless and what's not.

Does gamification make casino games more addictive? Can it cause more harm? These are the most important questions right now.

What are games of chance?

In simple terms, games of chance are casino games where the outcome is determined mainly by luck, not skill. But it's always clear when that is the case. Especially with games like Poker, it can require a bit of both. Skill and luck are both needed to win.

The definition of a game of chance can differ depending on where you reside. For example, in the Netherlands, a game of chance is any game where the player has a chance to win a prize, and luck is required to win.

However, other countries may deem it a game of chance when it needs a monetary bet, and winning is entirely up to fate.

Considering loot boxes

One of the most prominent elements that have arisen from the mixing of video game and casino game elements is the loot box. While these are only found sometimes in casino games, they have caused quite a stir across the globe.

Loot boxes are digital "boxes" that must be bought for real money. They then give you a digital prize in the form of a character or weapon skin, but you need to know what you'll get before the box opens. This, on its own, is seen as gambling by many.

The rewards are random and up to chance, but children often buy them. This is why some regulators have already banned them in the EU.

Learn more about this topic in our guide to loot boxes and their place in the gambling industry.

The future of gambling and regulations

As casino games evolve and incorporate more gaming elements, regulators will face increasing challenges in defining these games and ensuring they're safe. A holistic approach will be needed. One that considers the game's overall experience and how the average player plays it.

Whether or not this will be enough to counteract any issues that may arise remains to be seen. For now, safe gambling practices are the only way to stay safe and for players to take responsibility for their own experiences.

Published: April 24, 2024

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