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Global Gambling Regulators & Licenses

When it comes to making the best decision for your online gambling entertainment, it is important to understand what is and what is not considered to be best practice for where you live and work. Even when travelling as you move in and out of various jurisdictions, you want to be sure to avoid contravening any local legislation of gambling regulators.

For this reason, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the global online gambling regulatory bodies and licenses, and take an in-depth look at how they define online gambling. How they are set up and what it means for residents of those territories who are looking to play slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and any of the other amazing casino games available to players online.

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Understanding your gambling jurisdiction

Each country or jurisdiction is run by a Commission or Authority which has been granted the authority to make decisions around which games are allowed to play as part of their online gambling regulation. Whether or not operators and players who contravene these decisions will be prosecuted, at what rate taxation will be applied to either player winnings or operator revenues and even how gambling can or cannot be marketed in their sphere of influence.

The UKGC is a perfect example of this where they determined that imagery that was considered “kid-friendly” was banned from advertising, this has expanded to cover just about any cartoon or animated character, especially those with faces. This has had a massive impact on brand identities, existing advertisements and more.

To offer you a clear and concise understanding of the stance you local gambling authority has taken on these matters, we have included the following 8 areas of interest in each review:

  1. An overview of the jurisdictional authority;
  2. A brief history of the current gambling regulations;
  3. What it takes to be licensed locally;
  4. An overview of the taxes applied to gambling;
  5. What benefit there is to the operator;
  6. How licensing benefits you as a player;
  7. A selection of trustworthy licensed casinos for you try;
  8. Closing thoughts on the regulations.

By discussing each of the items above, we hope to give you a broader understanding of where and how you can safely and securely enjoy online gambling. It is also important to understand the intention of the gambling authorities, as in most cases the primary goal is to protect the consumer from abuse by unapproved suppliers.

Having a local gambling authority in place ensures that you have a legal platform where you can seek advice, input and even seek assistance with the recovery of funds should it be needed.

All of this will also take place in your local languages, be processed by local banking, so you avoid unnecessary costs and mediation can take place in your local court system and not overseas which is often near impossible given the time and cost of travel.

Responsible Gambling

One of the biggest benefits of any regulated online gambling market is the attention and funding given to programs to support people who find themselves struggling with compulsive gambling behaviour. Safe gambling groups like BeGambleAware.org, GamblersAnonymous.com, StopSpillet.dk and many others provide a necessary, safe haven for people who are struggling with problem gambling.

Most online and land-based gambling authorities have a charter by which they assign revenues gathered from licensed operators and even a percentage of their own profits as an organization. In programs aimed at protecting minors from being exposed to underage gambling, they ensure the training and development of support staff needed to counsel those in need and even the creation of intervention programs.

Denmark’s ROFUS programs is a fantastic example of a long-term intervention as it allows individuals to self-exclude from all online gambling activities for life.

For more information on the warning signs that online gambling might be straying from being a hobby to being a compulsion, or for more on organisations you can speak to for clarity on problem gambling, we encourage you to visit our Responsible Gambling section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a casino have more than one license?

Casinos can be registered and hold licences with several regulatory bodies to ensure compliance within the different markets they are regulated to operate in. There are several advantages to multi-licenced online casino platforms, including better safety procedures and a wider variety of games.

Which is the most trusted casino license/regulator?

The AGCC (Alderney Gambling Control Commission) is one of the most reputable regulators that practices strict and regular testing of online platforms. The regulator provides licences to operators worldwide and offers compliance assistance when newcomers enter the industry.

Which license/regulator should I stay away from?

Regulators with past or active offences against them should be avoided to ensure the safety of any player's personal data and funds.

Which is the most expensive license for an online casino?

The most expensive gambling licence is Spain's licence of $50,000 initially, then $10,000 per game registered. Ouch!

Which is the cheapest license for an online casino?

Several reputable licences run at the same cost to regulate an online casino. However, Curacao and Anjouan licences are the most popular, widely used, and cost-effective.

Is a casino safe if it doesn't have a license?

An online casino that does not have a license holds a huge red flag as it does not guarantee any sort of safety or security to registered players. Unlicenced platforms operate wherever they want, which means they could be closed down at any time by the local gambling authority, losing all player funds and personal data.

How can I know if a casino isn't licensed?

The online casino usually displays its license and registration number at the bottom of the webpage. These licence numbers and names could also lead you to the regulator's webpage, where their registration number can be verified.

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