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SEO Guru

And the award for SEO Master goes to Niki! Thanks to his dedication and detailed look, he manages to always bring CasinoWow up to speed with the latest algorithm changes and optimisation processes.

The only things Niki owns more than SEO tools are his pairs of socks. He always has a solution to a web mystery and each tool he works with, he knows to its core. Whether it’s to analyse, help, repair, improve, boost, or anything else, he knows the way.

While SEO drives him daily, he also has an interest in casino games and takes care of the reviewing process of the latest game releases.

His passion for SEO and website management goes a long way, and anything related to web improvements and digital marketing is part of his journey. User-friendliness and value, content, rankings, innovations, a new case study a day - and he’s all set.

Niki has completed many on and offline courses, seminars, and programs, keeping his collection of certificates always growing.

Sign: Aquarius
Superpower: Always finding new SEO tools
What makes him smile: The beach, the waves, the ocean

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About our review process

We at CasinoWow, are committed to always providing the most unbiased and thorough reviews on casino brands, bonuses, games, providers, and license operators. Knowing what’s most important for the players’ sake, our work is always driven by the most important gambling insights and how to keep the gambling community informed, educated, and prepared. Learn more About us and how things get done, by becoming part of our Wow family!

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