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Novomatic pulls out all the stops to keep players safe

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The novel Coronavirus has changed industries all around the world. From grocery stores to land-based casinos, precautions are in place to keep customers safe.

As lockdown restrictions are lifting, establishments such as casinos are preparing to open their doors to the public.

Novomatic Romania is one of these companies, and they’re ready to welcome their customers with open arms – at a safe social distance, of course.

Safety first with Novomatic

Based in Austria, one of the first countries to enforce strict measures against the spread of Covid-19, Novomatic is all about staying safe.

While Austria implemented safety measures such as the closing of schools, a ban on social gatherings, and restrictions on travel, Novomatic did their part by looking after their staff. This included setting up home offices for most of their staff and finding ways to support those in need during these troubling times.

The company is now opening the doors of their land-based casinos to the public, and they’ve introduced a strict set of safety protocols.

Playing Responsibly

A video recently released by Novomatic Romania on LinkedIn outlined the measures in place. Shared across several social media platforms, the video aimed to create awareness about playing safely at land-based casinos while also putting the minds of customers at ease.

The measures in place, showed clearly in the video, include:

  • A warning on the front door of the casino, informing players of what to expect once inside.

  • Testing at the door to ensure that all those inside the building have normal body temperatures.

  • Hand sanitising stations are set up around the casino to provide ease of access to clean hands

  • A face mask is required to play, and if a customer doesn’t have one, Novomatic staff will provide one.

  • Players are encouraged to use POS or ATMs when needing access to cash or completing transactions. The less one-on-one interactions, the better!

  • Slot machines are disinfected between each use thanks to the diligent staff on the floor.

  • Partitions have also been placed between machines and a 1.5m distance between players at all times is encouraged.

  • Any refreshments available are individually packed and come prepackaged from the source.

Ryszard Presch, Member of the Board of Novomatic AG, commented: “We are now live again with many of our group-wide gaming operations under the various international brands. Whereas these brands and the re-opening schedules in the countries may differ, one thing remains the same for all of them: We will ensure that our customers not only are safe but also feel safe and welcome.”

Thanks to companies such as Novomatic taking the safety and health of their staff and customers so seriously, land-based casino entertainment can be enjoyed with peace of mind just as the online casinos.

Who is Novomatic?

One of the largest game providers in the world, Novomatic has produced many land-based and online casinos games throughout their time in the business. With more than 40 years of experience under their belt, it’s easy to see why they’ve gone the distance with providing top-rated games to their customers.

With locations in more than 50 countries and an impressive team ready to deliver, research and development are a high priority for this gaming company.

If you’re keen to see what makes them so popular, check out our selection of Novomatic casino games!

Published: August 3, 2020

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