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Scientific Games rebrands to Light & Wonder!

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Scientific Games is changing and rebranding to state their purpose of Light & Wonder within the iGaming industry.

The year is just beginning but already there are plenty of new changes and developments to look forward to. In the online casino industry, there is always something new that brings change and growth.

One of the biggest companies, Scientific Games is rebranding to Light & Wonder with new business purposes on the cards.

Big changes at Scientific Games

The well-known gambling company, Scientific Games will be rebranding to Light & Wonder. The rebranding will be a strategic sign of its 2021 transformation. Showing it is now a cross-platform games supplier for the global gaming sector.

The company has sold off its lottery business to the Canadian private-equity fund Brookfield Partners for around $6 Billion. It is also letting go of the SGC sportsbook technology platform, OpenBet, Selling it to the US sports entertainment conglomerate, Endeavor Group for $1.2 Billion.

SGC is getting rid of all the unnecessary parts of the company and making a strong comeback with only its Gaming Division. In doing so, it will lower long-term debt and increase annual revenue.

The idea is for the company to become the new leading cross-platform global game company. The introduction of the new identity is part of a year-long strategic process.

New strategies for Light & Wonder

The company will now be doing all business as Light & Wonder Inc, with the sole purpose of creating games and making use of technology to create a seamless player experience on all player platforms.

The new cross-platform approach is deliberate to bring game franchises to players at any time, no matter where they choose to play. This includes games online, mobile casinos, social gaming markets, and land-based casinos.

The Light & Wonder Chief Executive Officer, Barry Cottle says they are thrilled to introduce the world to the new business. A company that will be building great games and franchises. Cottle says that a new identity is a requirement for the new strategy to distinguish their unique offerings and capabilities. The new name and identity are born to form a winning strategy, to be the leading cross-platform game company that will inspire people to make great products for the players.

Over the past few months, the company has been seen making a lot of strategic and bold moves to transform itself. This includes the choice to sell off the lottery and sports betting businesses.

The rebranding is a clear decision to create content, hardware, and systems that connect titles across all places and channels.

Cottle says that they already have a world-class team of the brightest game creators, and they will serve players better wherever and whenever they play. The company is also changing the new website to lnw.com where they will feature iGaming and land-based casino products, technology, and services.

This new portal will be a welcome change, giving players a chance to look at all their favourite SG Digital games including the latest platforms, systems, player account management, and hardware.

New developments for 2022

The new name change is expected to take place legally by Spring 2022 which means Scientific Games will then formally be operating as Light & Wonder. It will also start trading under a new stock ticker currently reserved as LNW.

The company has over 5,000 employees from over 6 continents which serve across all platforms including land-based and digital channels. The company is looking to build new worlds of play and develop game experiences players all across the world can enjoy.

Published: March 11, 2022

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