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Understanding casino and game house edge

Published by Niki | January 14, 2021 | Last updated: April 18, 2023

House edge comes into play

Taking part in betting and online casino gambling has become one of the most significant forms of entertainment.

For online casino players, the odds of winning are determined by fate and, of course, the house edge.

No matter which games you choose or what strategies you apply, there is always a house edge that comes into play, ensuring the casino doesn't lose.

Casino House Edge (The Basics) Explained

What is the house edge?

If you're new to online gambling, then the term house edge might seem odd to you. This term refers to the mathematical advantage the casino has in every game.

In essence, it's the advantage the casino has over the lifespan of every game and bet. While this is beneficial for the casino, it is also a good thing for players as it enables players to use the knowledge to their advantage.

You can use the house edge to check which games are more profitable in the long run.

House edge in different games

There are different types of casino games, and each of these games come with an extra house edge. Some games have a house edge already set by the software providers, whereas others have a house edge formed by the individual casinos. While the house edge tends to vary, the games usually have a house edge bordering around the same percentage.

No matter what game you play or what casino you visit, you will stumble across a house edge.

The games with the lowest house edge are Baccarat, Craps and Blackjack. The main reason is that these games have strategy-based gameplay that gives you a bit more of an advantage. With the correct strategy and skill, you can outsmart the casino and even turn around the house edge, especially with Blackjack.

For Blackjack, you can get a house edge as low as 0.5%; for Baccarat, the house edge can be anything between 1,01% and 15.75%, depending on the bets and game variants. For craps, you can get a house edge of between 0% and 16.67%.

Video poker is another popular game with a low house edge that has remained popular over the years. The game generally comes with a house edge of 0.46%, with the pay tables and side bets being the only thing that affects the house edge.

Online slots are trendy and can have a low or high house edge depending on the game or software provider. The house edge generally varies between 2% and 15%, with the house edge determined by the number of reels and paylines. Some slots have varying house edge percentages that change based on additional bets or special buy features.

Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance that has been played for centuries. That being said, this game, in its many forms, has a relatively high house edge ranging from 5.26% to 7.89%. The percentage is determined by the number of zeros on the table; in essence, the more zeros there is on the table, the higher the house edge.

Explore these games with low house edge:

Is it possible to bring down the house edge?

Many believe you can outsmart the house, but the reality is that you can't. Online casino games are there for fun and not created with winning as the primary goal. No matter how many strategies you learn or how good you are at the games, there's no way of guaranteeing a win.

The only way to really 'cheat the system' and bring down the house edge with games such as Blackjack is by knowing the game rules and having an essential strategy in place. Once you have this, you can start honing your skills and add better methods. The same applies to craps and roulette. Always know the game rules, find a strategy and make peace with the house edge in place.

Many gambling enthusiasts try to find ways to bring down the house edge to increase their winning chances. Back in the day, players used to count cards to cheat the system until they got caught. Casinos got brilliant and put procedures in place, including Random Number Generators, security systems and more.

Online casino games have become so popular because they are determined by luck. For humans, it's these lucky wins that become so alluring. If we're honest, it wouldn't be so thrilling to decide on the outcome.

The only important thing is to have a proper bankroll managing strategy in place. It's vital not to lose control or chase your losses. Many successful players can tell you it's one of the biggest and easiest mistakes to make.

With the right bankroll and gaming strategy, you can make the best decisions and reduce the house edge in the long run.

Low house edge casinos

Online casinos don't determine the house edge, but some provide you with games with the lowest house edge. On top of that, these casinos generally have bonuses and promotions or loyalty programs that even the odds and lessen the house edge.

Casumo Casino

Casumo Casino is one of the top online casinos that offer the best in games and rewards. If you're looking to bring down the edge, then Casumo is the space for you. This online casino has a wide variety of games and spectacular bonus promotions available.

It offers a fun way to level up and cash in on rewards throughout your gaming experience with gamification. The gamified loyalty program, welcome offer and other promotional tips ensure that players enjoy a lower house edge.

The casino runs smoothly across all desktop, tablet and mobile devices and has received various rewards for being a top online casino. It offers the best slots and table games from software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Play'n GO and Evolution Gaming, to name a few.

Videoslots Casino

With over 4,000 games, Videoslots Casino is a top choice for many online casino players. Established in 2011, the casino operator gives a great choice of games, bonuses, and devices to play at.

It is considered a top online casino that offers players great promotions that knock the house's edge. The casino is fully licensed and regulated by the UKGC and the MGA.

The Return to Player Percentage (RTP)

You'll notice that most casino games tend to give the RTP rather than the house edge. The RTP is the return to player percentage. This is the overall percentage of wins the game awards over its entire life span. Think of it as the balancing scale of the house edge.

Always look for games with the best RTP, and low volatility as these can award the most exciting wins. The game's volatility is the risk level you have of losing your bet and the odds of how much you stand to win in the long run.

The Return to Play percentage affects the game volatility, especially with slot games. So, you will note that high volatility slot games have lower RTP percentages. These games award wins less frequently but at higher amounts.

Thus, with slot games, high volatility games will be riskier as they payout less frequently but award more significant wins. Where low volatility games payout often but smaller amounts. The intense volatility games will be lower risk and better for your bankroll in the long run.

Always choose games that will suit your bankroll and your needs. Don't push for high volatility games if your bankroll doesn't allow for it.

Responsible gambling

You will note that more and more online casinos dedicate efforts to incorporating tools and resources for responsible gambling. This is to help you get the best online casino experience without losing touch with reality.

It's easy to chase your losses or hunt bigger wins once you strike a jackpot, but with these tools, in place, you can remain in control at all times. Don't fall into the trap of 'just one more' instead of quitting while ahead to avoid any debt or possible gambling problems.

Always play responsibly and keep your gaming a source of entertainment instead of becoming an addiction or a problem.

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