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Free online slots guide

Published by Niki | January 6, 2019 | Last updated: May 25, 2023

Getting to know free online slots

Online slot gaming has taken the world by storm. Since the introduction of online casinos, the demand for slot games has increased dramatically from year to year. The competition has forced the introduction of high-tech innovations to slots to grow almost yearly.

No longer are slots, 3 reeled classic games, but now boast multiple reels and paylines of pleasure, incorporating a multitude of special features and bonus rounds. The sheer volume of game themes embraced, and the plethora of titles available through many slot providers, have grown to a size that can be quite intimidating to new online gamblers.

Slot variations include machines such as classic machines, fruit machines, 3D slots, High-Roller Slots, and more. The volume of genres includes Action Adventure themes, Horror themes, Holiday themes, and Irish themes – and that is just the start.

Here are some of the best slot categories:

Here are some of the best slot features:

Here are some of the best slot themes:

Amidst the variations and themes are the ways in which the games are played, and the way the pay-outs behave. There are slots with low volatility, others with medium volatility, and more with high volatility, all producing games that vary greatly in the frequency of how they payout.

The risk when gambling on a slot that you are familiar with is high enough. You surely do not want to wager your hard-earned salary on an unknown game that could blow you away in a handful of spins. It is for this very reason that most of the reputable online slot providers make available to the public, to play slots for free. This way you can get accustomed to the gameplay, controls, volatility etc, without spending real cash.

Most of the reputable online slot providers make available to the public, to play slot for free.

Free vs Pay to Play Slots

The free slots are set up in a similar manner to those that you would pay to play. Game controls and features are mimicked in every way, which means that you can genuinely get comfortable with individual titles.

Experiment with the game. Have a look at the pay-tables, play with the wagering controls, learn the controls. This safe environment will allow you to have fun without any of the risks of the full game.

Remember, the free game is a promo that is operated by a random number generator, just like its paying counterpart. The outcomes are random, and so the only contributing factor towards success is luck. Just because “lady luck” had your back in the promo game, does not mean that she will be there in the paying game. Having said this, many players have witnessed the reverse; having busted their bankroll in the free game, they’ve come back to win big rewards in the paid games. You can never foretell the outcome.

For more in-depth information on online slots and their features, please visit our online slots and their main features guide.

Requirements to Free Slots Online

  • You must be 18 years or older to legally gamble in most countries. Check the legislation in your country, as it may be as high as 21 years old in your area of the world.
  • A decent internet connection is needed if you are going to play games straight from the browser.
  • If you are playing on a mobile device, make sure that your device’s features meet the minimum requirements. Also check whether you will need to load an app for the casino you are visiting, or whether you can play their free games via HTML5 on your mobile browser.


Once you have selected your online casino of choice, we suggest that you register a profile with them, even though registration is not necessary to play free games. This way, when you are done playing the free versions you can transition onto the played games without hassles.

The only extra requirement here is that you create a unique username and password, whereby you can secure your online profile and money wallet. After confirmation that your account is open, you can select a favourable bank procedure to load real credits into your profile wallet.

New patrons at casinos are usually always offered Welcome Bonuses. Accept these, as this will ease your transition to paying slots, by way of not having to spend big amounts initially.

Reputable providers of Free to Play Online Slots

A good habit to learn early on in your online gambling career is always play at reputable casino vendors, and opt to play online slots produced by the leaders in the industry, to ensure maximum pleasure.

Our slot providers list include names that are either giant or fast becoming forces to be reckoned within the industry. These providers include Microgaming, NetEnt, Quickspin, to name a few.

The two stand-out suppliers from the above are: firstly Microgaming, who are the oldest online provider in the world, and who provide us with at least two new game titles each month. The second is NetEnt, who are the benchmark provider in online slots. Their quality and innovation are second to none.

Getting started

Before you roll your first spin of the reels, it would be a good idea to get familiar with the game controls, as these prove invaluable to the quality your gaming experience. Two of the vital controls you will need to familiarise yourself with would be:

  1. Bet Adjuster: This is usually found along the bottom of the game display, under the reels. A window will be present, that will display the current total bet and the bet employed per line. In most cases, you will be able to adjust your bet up and down via arrows.

    In other cases where there are no arrows, click on the betting display and wait for the adjuster to reveal. You will need to adjust your bet before spinning the reels. In a variable payline game, you will be able to adjust how many paylines you wish to play on as well.
  2. Auto Spin Control: If you click on the auto spin controller under the reels, you will be able to pre-set how many times the machine will automatically spin the reels for you, without stopping.

This is a very convenient feature if you need to step away from the game for a moment to attend to something else. Some people prefer being in control of each spin, therefore you can hit the “Spin” button instead, each time you want to roll the reels.

In Conclusion

We trust that you will give our free games a considered go. Remember, it is to your benefit that you garnish some valuable experience before spending your cash on paid slots.

Should you need a few recommendations of online slots to play, that are super-popular online, try out:

Gonzo's Quest comes with a full house of special features, including spectacular graphics, tumbling reels, and free spins.

This title will not only introduce you to a great Egyptian-themed game, but it will give you a taste of one of the best Vegas Slots out there. Playing Cleopatra, you can expect up to 10,000x line stake as a jackpot win.

This game will give you an experience of what to expect from a progressive jackpot slot. In paid mode, Mega Moolah has the ability to make you an instant millionaire. Unfortunately, this game does not have free play mode. So if you want to get familiar with it, play on the lowest bet amount first.

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