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Facebook victorious in a standoff with the Australian government

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Facebook to reverse Australian news ban and re-open to news outlets after a face-off with Australian authorities.

We live in a digital age where almost everything and anything is possible online.

Social platforms have become an essential tool in boosting businesses including the gambling industry.

With Facebook's removal of Australian news, one can only wonder what impact it will have in the greater scheme of things.

Although gambling in Australia is currently mostly illegal, events like this can further damage the industry there and limit the access of potential players to gambling-related news.

Australian news ban on Facebook

Recently Facebook announced it would be making some major changes mainly in the Australian region. This after the News Media Bargaining Code came into law on the 8th of December 2020.

According to the public statement, the move is a response to the new laws which Facebook referred to as a misunderstanding in terms of the relationship between Facebook and publishers.

The Australian government has set various rules which do not sit well with the social platform. Officials wished to create a framework that would force Facebook and Google to negotiate with news organisations the payment they would receive in exchange for hosting news media content. However, these laws also included demands of fourteen days' notice before any algorithm changes are put in place.

Google has already agreed with the new terms where Facebook argued that it cannot be in the same class. The social media giant pointed out that unlike Google it does not require these news postings, instead, news sites and organisations choose to do so voluntarily.

In return, they receive search traffic from over five billion visitors which easily adds up to AU$407 million. It is for this very reason that Facebook has opted to leave the Australian news organisations behind. As such Australian residents no longer have access to news articles or current information on the social site.

Impact of social media on the iGaming industry

Social media sites are an extremely important medium in terms of sharing news and promotions with players or interested parties. For those in the iGaming industry, social media is a tool to share details on new bonuses, promotions, game releases and more. iGaming experts also share interesting facts and helpful information that keeps players tuned in.

The relationship between social media and the gaming industry has also become a helpful tool in terms of feedback. Operators use these platforms to gain insights into how players view current releases, game features and more. Allowing them to enhance products, services and of course the overall gaming experience.

Some even believe the rapid growth and success of the industry is because of social media.

Facebook to reverse Australian news ban

After a standoff with the Australian government, Facebook emerged victorious convincing lawmakers to amend the new laws.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg revealed that a compromise has been reached at the 11th hour with legislation debates.

With the Australian government agreeing to change its landmark media bargaining code, Facebook is set to restore news to Australian pages.

The Facebook ban had an impact on media outlets, health, and emergency services. The shock of the ban serves as a message for the entire world considering similar media regulations.

With the new agreement in regulatory changes, the government may not apply the code to Facebook. Only if the company has the ability to demonstrate enough media outlets are paying for content deals. According to the new agreement the government will give Facebook and all other platforms a month's notice to comply with the code.

Australian news will be restored to Facebook newsfeeds in the next few days. According to Will Easton, Facebook's managing director for Facebook Australia, they are ecstatic to have come to an agreement with the Australian government and appreciate the ability to have constructive discussions with minister Fletcher and treasurer Frydenberg.

Facebook has warned that if government officials decide later on to apply the code to Facebook then the company can pull news from Australia again.

Published: March 9, 2021

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