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Trends and fascinations in the Online Casino Industry in 2020

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In the past few years, the popularity of online casinos has grown with more gamers opting for the digital casino experience. There are many reasons for this including the comfort and convenience of having instant access to high-quality games.

The constant advancement in technology also ensures that online casinos have something new to offer regularly. Trends are constantly changing within the industry but this year there are a few existing trends strongly on the rise.

Online casinos and slot games trends to look out for in 2020:


Online casinos are no longer simplified ‘arenas’ where you enter and open a game for entertainment. With the implementation of gamification features, the entire casino experience becomes a game within a game. The whole idea is to motivate you to play more as there are more rewards and achievements to unlock.

Gamification is a nice addition to online casinos which allows both the player and the casino to benefit. With leaderboards to climb and rewards such as cash prizes or getaways at stake, the reward becomes the goal. If you want to experience the thrill of gamification then Wishmaker is the perfect casino for you!

All new players at the casino can enjoy 100 Wish Spins on the Dead or Alive 2 slot when making the first deposit. While enjoying your spins there are Wishcoins to collect which can later be exchanged for rewards in the Wish Shop.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been introduced into the world of online gambling a while ago but there are still endless possibilities surrounding this trend. Virtual Reality enables you to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience and with casinos and software developers working to create more VR friendly games and casino spaces, your VR headsets can soon be put to optimal use.

According to research, it has been shown that VR-based games are part of the fastest-growing segment in the gaming industry and is set to reach new heights this year. Experience the thrill with any of these VR 3D slots.

Mobile-focused design

It’s no secret that online slots have been the main focus for game developers in the past few years. The primary focus is on bringing more mobile-friendly games to the table since the majority of players choose to play on the go. This year software developers are focused on creating more mobile-focused web versions of new slot games.

Making all slot games instantly accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. If you’re still in the market for a mobile casino then Casumo Casino is a perfect choice. This casino is all about variety and entertainment which is why you’ll get to enjoy playing the best quality games directly from your mobile browser or the Casumo Mobile App.

Betting via smartwatches

It’s incredible to think that a few years ago gambling was only possible in land-based establishments and now you can gamble from anywhere on any device. Technology has made it possible to enjoy your favourite games on any devices including your smartwatch!

Currently, only a small number of casinos offer smartwatch casino games but this is expected to change in 2020. This year you can expect more casinos offering the option of placing bets and playing games via your smartwatch.

Alternative payment method

Cryptocurrency has become a popular payment method accepted by many online casinos. The alternative payment method has finally found its feet and with it finally being deemed acceptable, it is expected to see it in many more online casinos this year.

Cryptocurrency is a highly beneficial addition to the payment method selection at any casino as it provides players with additional safety, security and anonymity.

Skill-based games

Skill-based games have been around for centuries and this year they are set to become a top trend among players once more. Players are learning more about the industry and the games available and know that not all game outcomes are based on luck.

With skill-based games, there is the opportunity to win games by practising and increasing your skill levels. In 2020, it is expected that more players will shift their focus towards acquiring skills to increase their game.

Live Casino Games

Live Casinos are not new but also another trend on the rise in the industry due to its constant growth and room for development. Live Casino Games are not just about the games but the social interaction provided along with the gameplay.

And opening the Live Casino section of your favourite online casino is a lot more convenient than driving towards the nearest brick and mortar casino.

Reel spinning becoming optional

Slots remain the main focus of the 2020 trends with the action of reel spinning becoming optional. According to research the spinning of the reels appeal more to older players which can create a divide with the younger target audiences.

Slot developers have gotten more creative with the design of their creations and could even add matching games, puzzle games or video game based mechanics. While it may be different than spinning the reels, it will still provide a choice and an outcome. With new ways to get to the final outcome, developers could ensure more interactivity and perhaps lure more players.

A revolutionary year in gaming

The online casino industry is known to be full of surprises and there is no telling what the year will bring! Current trends appear to be focused on interactive, convenient and more immersive gaming experiences.

Published: March 10, 2020

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