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Best Online Casinos Compatible with Apple Watch 2022

The Apple Watch syncs to your iPhone via Bluetooth, granting the device access to messaging services, calendars, alarms, clocks, navigation and news updates. For the best Apple Watch mobile casino experience, join with CasinoWow and its top supporting mobile operators!

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Apple Watch

Apple Watch

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Apple Watch has been built with gaming in mind since the early days of its development. But how and what you can play from this tiny device, and which casinos are the best? Find out all the information on this page.

WOW Rating 42/100
  • Screen size Small
  • Graphics Poor
  • Sound Good
  • Security Good
  • Cellular Data Yes
  • Wi-Fi Yes

Pronto Live Casino

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Microgaming, NetEnt, Play'n GO, Big Time Gaming, Yggdrasil + 2 more

Top Five Apple Watch Casinos for Real Money

Finding a top Apple Watch casino is not easy and is limited to the brands in our list above. But check out our top 5 online casinos below which which are compatible with most smartphones and other mobile devices:

Popular Casino Games for Apple Watch

It's no secret that CasinoWow aims to provide the best of the best casino game reviews. That's why we've selected the top 5 casino games developed for Apple Watch among all online titles! Try them now for free or play for real at one of the top-rated casinos listed on this page.

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Apple Watch Casino FAQ

Can you actually play games on Apple Watch?

It may seem strange but the Apple Watch can support mini casino games specially created for the tiny screen. While they aren’t common, there are a handful of software providers that have created casino games for the Apple Watch including Microgaming's games.

Are there real-money casino games available for Apple Watch?

Microgaming developed a small number of Apple Watch casino games when the fad first started to rise in the industry. However, due to the strict laws and limitations around playing via iOS devices and the App Store, they didn’t gain much traction. Despite that, they are still a lot of fun to play, even if purely for the experience of doing so via your Apple Watch.

How do I know Apple Watch casinos are safe and secure?

If you’re an iOS user that enjoys playing online slots and casino games, then you can rest assured that Apple Watch games are just as safe. Designed with the same trusted iOS security, Apple Watch casino games are safe and fun.

Which are the best Apple Watch mobile casinos out there?

Royal Vegas Casino and Jackpot City Casino are two of the best iOS online casinos on the market. Filled with exciting casino games and great promotions to cash in on, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands when playing at these top sites.

How many casino games and what types are available for Apple Watch?

There are not many games available as the industry seems to have moved on from Apple Watch casino games. However, Microgaming released a handful of online slots, including Thunderstruck 2 to fit perfectly on the Apple Watch face. Depending on the casino you visit, you should find that the games automatically resize to fit the face of your wearable tech.

Apple Watch and Gambling!

It never takes too long before the online casino market starts to embrace the latest trends in communication and innovation. The rise of the Apple Watch has seen some casinos offer special games on their mobile platform that cater to the very special needs of this tiny device.

Game optimisation is one of the big focuses when releasing games for play on this platform. The processing power and memory of the device are not as powerful as some of its smartphone counterparts and therefore offers limited casino entertainment from your arm.


Relatively new to the market, the device has not gained as much technological support from online casino game developers as other mobile devices like iPhone and iPad have yet, but things are slowly changing, with some top names in the business offering Apple Watch casino entertainment.

There are some free play casino apps available to download on the App Store, as well. These are designed to optimise the performance of the device towards the game. If you want pure gambling though, you will need to head online for this.

The games are designed especially for optimisation on a small screen, where unnecessary buttons and switches just take up way too much display space. As such, Apple Watch games offer a far simpler user interface. The primary Apple Watch game developer is the casino giant – Microgaming that always find themselves at the cutting edge of the latest trends and innovations.

Playing mini casino games on Apple Watches comes with a host of advantages and notable limitations, as well. Have a look at the listings below to see where the device excels and falls short so that you can decide on whether you are interested in purchasing one for your gambling exploits.

Advantages of Playing Casino Games on an Apple Watch

  • Convenience: Being able to wear a casino on your wrist is a convenience second to none for aspiring gamblers. The watch is lightweight and streamlined for convenient ‘on the go’ gambling entertainment.
  • Safety: Phones get left in cars, at counters, in stores, and all over. The Apple Watch straps to your arm so that you can never misplace it. It’s also far more secure from pickpockets and thieves.
  • Discretion: Casino games can be enjoyed on your Apple Device quite discreetly. Playing on your phone, tablet, or desktop proves to be far more obvious. Nobody would guess that you are gambling when tinkering with your watch. Instead, they might just think you are managing your messages, notifications, and calendars. This is ideal for those 5-minute breaks between your work.
  • More in 1: The Apple Watch offers you far more than just a mobile gambling machine. Messages can be read while playing and you can manage your life and enjoy first-class entertainment, all from your wrist.

Limitations of the Apple Watch in the context of Mobile Gambling

  • Small Screen: We remember how people mentioned the fallback of a small game interface when gaming turned to mobile phones. In comparison, playing on the tiny screen of the Apple Watch limits the game design and tools tremendously.
  • Limited Games: Because the technology is still so new, there are far fewer games available for the Apple Watch than there are for other mobile platforms or desktop devices. As such, the degree of entertainment is a bit limited. This will, however, course-correct over time.
  • Limited Casinos: For the same reason, there are fewer games available for this platform, we find that there are only a few casinos offering games for this device. As the device becomes more popular and more and more developers start making games for them, more casinos will adopt the technology into their mobile sites.
  • No Management: The Apple Watch cannot yet attend to all of the same functions as phones, tablets, and desktops, which means that registering a casino account profile becomes very challenging. You will need to register your details via another device platform first, before playing from your watch.

CasinoWow Round-up

The growth of the mobile segment of gambling has been tremendous year on year. There is no reason why Apple Watch gambling cannot reach the same heights as its siblings, which use the same software.

For more information on ‘on the go’ gambling, its popularity and its growth, be sure to visit our mobile casino landing page.

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