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Online casino wins: Where do the unclaimed funds go?

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All online casino players want to win but not all winnings are claimed. Let’s find out what happens to unclaimed wins.

For online casino players, one of the ultimate goals or milestones is to trigger a big jackpot win.

At the end of the day, winning big or small provides players with a thrill, with the majority rushing to claim their wins right away.

One of the things many wonder about is what happens to unclaimed wins or player funds once a casino closes down.

What happens to unclaimed winnings and casino funds?

When it comes to online gambling wins, each jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations that apply. The main procedure remains the same with a few mandatory steps in place to protect the recipient and the casino.

Once you've struck a win, you will have an allocated time period to claim your winnings. This time period varies based on the jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions, you have as little as 180 days where others give you 12 - 18 months to claim your winnings. Most online casinos will also have these time periods clearly stated within their terms and conditions.

Once the allocated time is up and no one has claimed the winnings, the procedure steps start. In some regions, the first step for operators is to try and process a withdrawal back to the original deposit account. The casino will also attempt to try to get in contact with you. If all these steps are unsuccessful the casino operator has the ability to reclassify the funds for internal purposes.

In most regions, the unclaimed prize funds will go towards the jurisdiction authorities or certain funds.

When casinos close down, the procedure will not be exactly the same but it will be quite similar. Casinos will often notify players beforehand of closure and tell them to remove their winnings or leftover funds from their casino account.

You will again have a set time period to comply and get back your funds. If you don't claim your funds within this time, the casino can either choose to contact your or the funds could go straight to the government or organized funds/donation centres.

If a casino is closing due to insolvency or financial issues, there is often the chance that players don't get their funds even if they claim it. But with all unclaimed wins and funds from closed down casinos, the casino has a procedure in place and funds go to those in need.

In Hong Kong, any horse race winnings not claimed within 60 days automatically go to the Jockey Club Charitable Trust.

Unclaimed wins and closed casinos

It might seem like an odd thing to think it good that someone passes on their winnings. But what happens to these winnings is the golden thread of the story. In many regions, the funds are not just pushed back into the casinos as additional profit. Instead, these funds go towards non-profit organizations, activities and grants. Thus, the funds go towards helping those in desperate need.

Most jurisdictions have a community fund in which all lost and unclaimed winnings and funds go. The funds are distributed across a range of projects to improve the community and livelihood within the region.

In the UK, for example, there are different projects funded simultaneously which currently include the Ballymoney & District Community Playgroup. This grant is put in place to provide support to children and families in need post-COVID-19. Then there are grants for community outings for the less fortunate, ex-military, the homeless and mental health support.

Funds are also often put towards assisting responsible gambling organisations such as BeGambleAware.org with helping players overcome addiction.

These non-profit organisations are there to help and with these funds, they are able to assist more freely.

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