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Playtech receives first GamCare B2B Safer Gambling Award

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Playtech becomes the first gambling technology company to receive a GamCare Award for Safer Gambling efforts.

The online casino industry is focusing more on creating a safer spacer for online players to enjoy their favourite games. This no longer applies only to online casino operators and regulatory bodies, but also software and game developers.

Recently, Playtech became the first to receive a reward for their safe and responsible gambling-focused efforts.

Playtech receives recognition

Playtech is the first gambling technology company to receive a GamCare B2B safer gambling standard award. The game supplier is receiving the award for its casino products and platform operated within the UK.

The company receives recognition for its efforts as a leading provider of information, support, and advice in problem gambling within the UK.

According to Senior Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Manager at Playtech, Richard Bayliss, they always strive to collaborate with licensees in an effort to raise industry standards in terms of responsible business and safer gambling.

GamCare believes an independent quality standard, the Safer Gambling Standard, is one where a recognised business puts customer protection first more than anything else to protect customers from experiencing problem gambling.

And according to Bayliss, that is exactly what Playtech has been dedicating its efforts to since 2018. As there has been a more strategic focus on collaborating with academics, charities, and thought leaders to deliver Sustainable Success commitments.

Safer Gambling efforts from Playtech

In order to receive such recognition or an award from GamCare, there is an in-depth review of the safer gambling measures in place. And for Playtech, there is a lot to be proud of especially with the amount of effort they’ve put into making gambling safe.

The company-wide safer gambling approach is visible from the executive level right down to the quality of design and development of the games they release.

According to Hayley Jane Smith, the Head of Safer Gambling Standards from GamCare, tests were done throughout the in-depth review on Playtech's governance, product design, innovation, and staff training. There were also interviews with both staff and management at all levels.

According to the GamCare test results, Playtech's new Sustainable Success business strategy (along with its external Stakeholder Advisory Board) are among the initiatives that are excellent practices of safer gambling. These were especially good examples in favour of GamCare's decision which led to them receiving the first new B2B safer gambling standard award.

BetBuddy also received a nod of recognition which is a product offering a range of tools for others.

Playtech's Richard Bayliss reveals they are immensely proud to be the first to receive GamCare B2B safer gambling accreditation. They are more pleased with the recognition of their safer gambling efforts, as they put a lot of heart into what they do.

Another highly praised product is Playtech Protect, which is an end-to-end player management solution. It throws together all of a company's compliance and safer gambling technology, tools, and services and puts it on full display for the player.

Playtech focuses on the future

GamCare's Hayley Smith states they are looking forward to continued collaboration with Playtech - developing its safer gambling approach even more while assessing its other B2B business operations.

With the award in hand, Playtech is ready to collaborate in an effort to identify and develop more products and solutions that will meet the needs of customers, licensees, and regulators with safer gambling in mind.

Published: August 15, 2021

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