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6 reasons players spend more money at online casinos

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The debate as to whether or not online casinos or land-based casinos are superior has been around for many years. The outcome is very often the same – both types of casinos have their merits and their cons.

While we agree that land-based and online casinos are great in their own ways, the question remains: Where do players spend more money?

Are players spending more when logged on at home or do land-based casinos have the upper hand in this regard? The answer is simple – players at online casinos tend to spend more than those who frequent land-based casinos.

Here are the reasons online casinos are able to earn more per player than their brick and mortar counterparts. Keep reading and learn all about the psychology behind these facts.

6 reasons you’re spending more at online casinos

Casino operators and game software providers do what they do to draw in players and keep them enthralled. The more time players spend on a particular online slot or casino game, the more money they’re bound to spend. Here are a few strategies in play at any online casino you visit.

Reason 1 – The sights and sounds

The bright lights, flashing banners, and exciting sounds found at online casinos and on the reels of online slots are fascinating. They provide endorphin boosts that will have your brain simply happy to be there.

The more time you spend in the space that gives your brain injection of ‘happy juice’, the more likely you are to spend money.

Reason 2 – Freedom of choice

Land-based casinos are limited in what they can provide in terms of games. Online casinos are only limited by the licenses they hold and the software providers they partner with.

This means that you have the feeling of being completely in control of how and what you play. With no restrictions on opening or closing times, whether or not you have to travel, or where you’ll sleep, total freedom puts players in a place where they can also make the wrong choices.

Reason 3 – Chasing progressive jackpots

While land-based casinos are home to many progressive jackpot slot machines, they simply don’t hold a candle to those found at online casinos.

Games such as Mega Moolah are known to climb well in the millions, reaching staggering heights that some players can’t resist.

Chasing these big wins means that the budget originally set may go out the window. Sitting at home and deciding to transfer cash from a savings account is much easier to do mentally than it would be when sitting on a casino floor.

Reason 4 – Celebration on tap

Online slots are filled with excitement and fun with every spin, that includes landing wins that may be elusive. With every win that lands, there’s generally a celebration of some sort that takes place.

An explosion on the screen sounds that blast and flashing lights that easily draw a smile. Once again, this strategy provides a serotonin boost that tells your brain it’s happy. It’s easy to chase that feeling which means you’ll continue to place bets and play.

Reason 5 – Loyalty and player rewards

Many online casinos provide loyalty programs that will reward players based on how much they bet and spend. These loyalty programs often provide rewards in the form of bonuses which can be very enticing for regular players.

If you find yourself betting simply to reach the next tier of the loyalty program, it may be time to step back and log out of your account.

Reason 6 – Play the day away

Land-based casinos are the biggest culprits of this issue but it can be easy to fall into this trap when playing from home too. Not keeping track of the time spent at an online casino can result in not only money lost but time too.

Be sure to set an alarm on your phone or make use of play reminders that many online casinos provide.

It’s for these reasons (and many others) that regulators are cracking down on how online casinos operate. Extensive rules and laws are put in place to protect players and (hopefully) keep them safe from online gambling harm.

Always play responsibly

After learning all of this information, you may be wondering if online casinos should be avoided entirely? The answer is entirely up to you but when you play responsibly, online casinos can be a fun way to pass the time. As long as online gambling remains a form of entertainment and you play at a trusted online casino, you should be in good hands.

Unfortunately, as with any form of entertainment, there’s the chance to go overboard and spend more than you can afford. Problem gambling issues are nothing to be ashamed of and there are many organisations available that can help.

While online casinos have many wonderful aspects, being able to play consistently without the need to leave your seat can be dangerous.

Always practice responsible gambling and make use of the tools on offer. Any online casino worth its salt will have features in place to help you stay safe. Deposit limits, play reminders, loss limits and self-exclusion are all fantastic features to make use of when necessary.

If you’re ever unsure of how to use responsible gambling features or you’re afraid you may have developed a problem, contact customer support at the online casino you’re visiting.

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