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Newly released casinos - how can we trust them?

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Ensure that the new online casino you’re visiting is safe by reading our online casino reviews and following these simple tips.

The iGaming industry is filled to the brim with new online casinos popping up every day. It can be hard to keep track of which sites are safe and where the best playing experience can be found.

New online casinos, in particular, can be tricky as there very often aren’t many reviews to learn from. Without site reviews or word-of-mouth feedback, how can you be sure that a new online casino is everything it promises to be?

Here are a few tips for navigating new online casinos and choosing the best (and safest) option before you sign up for an account.

Tip #1 - Learn more about the casino’s license

Unfortunately, not all sites offering online gambling can instantly be trusted. There are still many casinos that don’t follow the rules, aren’t licensed and are out to scam players. Don’t just throw away your money. Instead, find out more about a new casino’s license.

Playing at licensed casinos is one of the only ways to make sure that you’re playing safely. Why? Because a regulated casino is one that must follow the rules in order to keep its doors open. Plus, if anything goes wrong, you have the regulator to stand beside you and fight to put things right. That’s why trusted regulators such as the MGA and the UKGC are a great choice.

All online casinos with a valid license will make sure that the information is available on their homepage. You should be able to see the license at the bottom of the screen, as well as the license number. If no link is provided directly to the regulator’s site, grab the license number and do a little digging. A simple Google search should reveal if the license is real.

Tip #2 - Read the terms and conditions

No one enjoys reading the terms and conditions. Whether it’s signing up at an online casino or creating a new Instagram account, we all tend to click ‘I Agree’ and hope for the best. However, if you’re not sure a new online casino can be trusted, the terms and conditions can reveal what you need to know.

Take the time to read the T&Cs, and you should find what you need. Does the casino have fair wagering requirements? Does it mention withdrawal limits on big wins? Is the information you need to contact those in charge readily available?

All of this (and so much more) can help you decide if you’re willing to hand over your money to a new casino. If any of the terms and conditions don’t fit with what you’re willing to agree to, simply close the tab and try an entirely different site instead.

Tip #3 - Chat with customer service

Customer care at an online casino can tell you a lot about what you’ll experience when you play regularly. By simply contacting customer care via live chat and asking them a few questions, you should learn what the casino is all about.

Do you have access to customer care whenever you need it? Are the service staff friendly and knowledgeable? Do they freely provide information about licensing and promotions? Will you battle to get any information out of them at all? A friendly and reliable customer service experience can go a long way to making everyone feel at ease when playing online.

Tip #4 - Explore our online casino reviews

Finally, if you need more information, but you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at our thorough online casino reviews. We try to ensure that we review new casinos soon after they open so that you have the info you need to sign up without any doubts. We make sure that every casino we recommend is safe and legal so that you don’t have to worry.

If you’re still not sure about visiting a brand-new online casino, take a look at our list of top 5 casino sites. You’ll find great customer service, top-rated games, and the best promotions up for grabs. Read our reviews to find out more and start playing with peace of mind.

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