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Why it's almost impossible to win on slots at Las Vegas Casinos

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Slots are a popular game of chance but for Las Vegas players hitting a win is more difficult than in other places.

Slot games are a popular game of chance that many enjoy in online and land-based casinos across the globe. While online slots are great and slots in land-based casinos provide great entertainment, winnings don’t come as easily in all regions.

For slot players at Las Vegas casinos, it’s nearly impossible to win on non-progressive slot games.

Reasons behind near impossible winnings in Las Vegas

When you visit a Las Vegas casino you will find there are many non-progressive jackpot slot games to indulge in. There are even some very high stakes slots from leading software providers such as IGT, Scientific Games, and Aristocrat.

It’s quite common for players to prefer the tables but you will never find the slot machines section empty. If you compare the winning payouts of slots and table games, you can quickly see a massive difference. Slot games have a lower payout ratio. If you compare slot payouts again to the slot payout ratio in Europe, for instance, Las Vegas slots will have a lower payout ratio overall.

One of the biggest surprise discoveries is that Las Vegas slots are specifically chosen to offer the lowest possible payout ratio and casinos do this via different strategies when choosing game titles.

In Las Vegas, slot games are primarily selected by providers that are prone to offering low to average payouts. You can expect to find games that have a maximum win limit ranging between 500x and 2,000x your total stake.

In other regions, such as Europe for example, you will find that casinos opt for software providers that have games with much higher payouts. This includes games from providers such as EGT, Merkur, and Novomatic that can award big wins ranging from 1,000x to 5,000x your stake. In terms of slot games with bigger winning possibilities, it makes more sense to head to Europe for land-based slot play.

Another strategy used by Las Vegas casinos is to choose slot games that are of low volatility. This means you can hit a lot of wins quite frequently, but your winnings will be small. In most cases, your winnings will be around 100x to 500x your stake. While you get the thrill of frequent wins, it is very hard to hit a decent win on these slot games.

Better chances of winnings with table games

The sad reality is that you have better chances of hitting big wins when playing table games at Las Vegas casinos. In Las Vegas, there is a lot of action in the table games section which includes Poker tournaments, Blackjack tables, Roulette tables, and more. With many of these tables, you can use skill and strategy to turn the odds in your favour. 

Don't forget you can also enjoy these table games online!

This includes many table games apart from Roulette. With slot games, on the other hand, no strategy will change the outcome, it is all based on luck. If you wish to hit big wins in Las Vegas, then the safest option would be to opt for a strategy-based table game you know like Blackjack or Poker.

Play slots online

If you’re a player that enjoys the thrill of spinning the reels, why not try online Vegas-style Slots instead? Many online casinos have plenty of options for you to play. With online casinos, there is more variety and the chance of triggering bigger jackpots increases. Playing at online casinos also means there are more software providers to choose from which means more games and also higher jackpot payout potential.

The possibilities provided by online casinos and online slots is endless if you play at a reputable and regulated site.

All in all, when you visit a Las Vegas casino, and you play slot games in any of the Vegas casinos, you must be prepared for small and frequent wins. These slots are specifically chosen based on their maximum pay-outs and low volatility. If you’re looking for massive payouts, then you’d do much better in the high roller section or at the table games section. Playing slots in Las Vegas is merely a source of entertainment, not a means to winning massive jackpot payouts.

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