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The popularity of Book titled online slot games

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Slot games have been on the rise for the past few years with new slots hitting the market almost daily.

That being said, there are a number of classic online slots that remain among the most popular and bestselling online slots available at most online casinos.

Slots like Book of Ra have captured the attention of many players and become a popular choice for new and veteran players alike.

Book of Ra history

Book of Ra is one of the most classic slots and was originally released at land-based casinos in 2005 by the German-based company, Novomatic. The game is based on colourful, ancient Egyptian mythology with a strong focus on the sun god, Ra.

Since its release, it has become a clear favourite among players worldwide and led to many developers trying to copy it. Not only does the slot come with fantastic artwork and nostalgic sounds, but also the iconic book wild symbol.

Since the release of Book of Ra, the industry has seen an increase in slot releases with the word Book in the title.

Many have wondered what makes this slot so unique and why the word Book is so effective in any slot game. Some developers have even chosen not to use the word in their title but include an enchanted book in their game theme. This can be seen in the Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 slot, a fantasy inspired game by German slot creator, Merkur Gaming.

Reasons ‘Book’ is used in slot titles

One of the first reasons the word ‘Book’ is used in many online slot titles is because it immediately captures the attention. It automatically excites and creates a visual appeal no other title seems to capture.

On top of that, the word ‘Book’ helps strengthen the idea of a virtual journey through storytelling. Most of the slots with ‘Book’ in the title have a mythological or fantasy inspired theme. Many of the slots take you on a virtual journey through Egypt slots and more recent slots have started opening doors to other exciting and magical worlds.

The book is the key focus of these worlds and the only way to unlock some of the biggest and best bonus features in these magical slots.

It might seem like a simple word/symbol but the book has great potential when added to any slot game. It immediately allows software providers to add an extra flair to their creations. Gone are the boring and straightforward, instead there is something magical in the air.

Book used in slot titles create a great impact and immediately draws the attraction of players. It creates an instant need for many to click, play and explore a world unknown.

Ancient Egyptian themed ‘Book’ slots remain the most popular with Book of Dead currently being a top favourite in most online casinos. It seems players can’t get enough of the adventures of Rich Wilde and the worlds he gets to explore with his infamous Book of Dead.

The mystery within

Books used in titles create more of an impact making players want to interact and take part in the experience. The theme of the slot becomes automatically more appealing and the adventure more fun.

The book can be used in many ways which have been seen with the dozens of online slot releases using the word in their title over the past few years.

While there are plenty of changes in the online casino industry, it seems that slots with Book in the title are here to stay. Players want a story, a chance to get lost in the adventure and enjoy a mystery that can unfold with any spin along with epic wins.

Make your way to any of our top-rated casinos and explore the world of Book themed slots for an incredible online adventure.

Published: July 27, 2020

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