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The Future of Regulated Online Gambling

  • author icon by Kally in Industry
  • calendar icon January 28, 2020 | Last updated: January 29, 2020
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The online gambling market is a massive growing industry worldwide, worth multiple billions of dollars in revenue per annum. There are no signs of the market dying down either. In contrast, the future of regulated online gambling is actually evolving and growing in both number and innovation.

Mobile Gambling is making it so much easier for anyone with a phone and the internet to play their favourite casino games or bet on their favourite sports.

There are currently numerous regulated jurisdictions around the world, who have identified the progressive trends in the market and have sought to regulate the act of gambling within their specific regions to make it safe for all concerned.

Some of the foremost countries involved in such practices include leading regions like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Malta, New Zealand, and even certain states of the USA. Even Canada has state-regulated online gambling options!


More European countries, such as Finland, the Netherlands, and Germany are on their way towards regulating the gaming industry, as well. This decision will only prove positive for revenues in these countries in the long run.

While some may question whether this will be bad for the public and specifically problem gamblers, the truth is that players are finding the means to gamble online anyway, as many offshore casinos point their services in the direction of anyone looking to play casino games, whether it is legal for them to do so or not.

Having a rigid regulation and oversight on the practice in a country actually makes it safer for gamblers, as the particular focus can be placed on responsible gambling protocols, player protection, and gaming fairness.

Unregulated Countries

Countries like Japan, Brazil, and even other South American regions have no current regulation in place for gambling. In Japan, the online gambling industry is actually outlawed, yet they boast a year on year increase in online gambling statistics.

In Brazil, currently, players are free to gamble at remote casinos, despite massive efforts from the country to end the option to do so. Fortunately for the public who play, the government has not got it right yet.

The forward-looking perception is that the voice of the people will eventually win out against the powers that be and why not? Regulated online gambling is set to accomplish so much more good for each of these countries than it will bad. More and more progressive countries are beginning to acknowledge this fact.

Let’s take a realistic look at a list of the pros and cons (in a combined list):

  • Unregulated Gambling offers players the freedom to play at whatever casino they so choose. This is about the only positive attribute here.
  • Unregulated Gambling leaves players vulnerable to abuse from rogue casino sites.
  • Regulated Gambling allows the state to put in place strict gambling legislation for the safety of players and for the sake of responsible gambling.
  • Regulation gives players a recourse against unfair casino practices.
  • Regulated Gambling provides a major income stream to boost the economy of a country.

CasinoWow Round-Up

It is proven over and over again that when you tell someone ‘NO!’ they have the option to rebel and might very well do so. If, however, you say ‘Yes’ and provide a safe environment in which to gamble, the chances are they will not seek to play in any other arena.

The insistent push of the public in countries like Japan, Brazil, South Africa and others may just move these regions to seek out mutually beneficial ways of handling the gambling issue.

As more and more leading countries are coming on board with regulation over banishment, they will make greater impressions on those who are not there yet and provide a motivation to change their ideas on the subject.

Last updated: January 29, 2020

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Article by Kally

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