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It's a game of Guts and glory at this revamped online casino

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Guts Casino recently underwent a revamp to bring customers a better online gaming experience with all new features.

Online casino operators are constantly competing, trying to outshine one another and take centre stage. The growth within the online gambling industry has led to more possibilities and competition than ever.

Guts Casino recently upped their game with a revamp and the addition of exciting features to enhance the player experience. Guts Casino also attended the IGB affiliate conference earlier this month, where we got a closer look at the new improvements.

A new and improved Guts

Guts Casino is a leading online casino operator that continues to improve and add new features and enhancements to its offering.

In the last few months, the online casino has put in a lot of work behind the scenes to create a new and improved version of their online casino.

The new Guts Reborn has just been launched, and it comes with a new logo, even brighter colours, and exciting features. Some updates include an even faster user interface, more new promotions, and high-quality gaming.

The operator has also developed a key USP with which customers can enjoy rewards in real-time. With the Game of Guts feature, the online casino operator manages to deliver CRM in a product and engage customers for longer.

The new concept reflects and symbolizes the vision of reintroducing Guts as a brand dedicated to representing its customer base. It's loyal and bold and full of promise.

The fundamentals

When it came to the Guts Casino revamp, the task was to meet the objectives as set out by Zecure Gaming.

The first is to keep things simple, which means everything from communication to campaigns and the overall user experience. Then there is the dedication to improving gamification to generate new USPs. The third objective is to be a brand that stays consistent with a reliable voice.

And lastly, the brand commits to improving its products and ensuring Guts becomes an even better product as a whole with the list of improvements and ideas planned for 2022.

The new branding, tone of voice, and overall look are all part of the Betsson revamp after acquiring the brand from GiG in 2020.

Game of Guts

The Game of Guts is a brand-new feature available to Guts Casino players. This exciting feature lets you win cash prizes, free spins, and super spins.

To take part and win, you need to follow four simple steps. The first thing you need to do is play any of your favourite casino games or live casino games at Guts Casino. Keep in mind that you need to play games at a minimum of €0.30 or more to be eligible.

You can watch as the progress bar fills up and allows you to trigger a spin on the Game of Guts. You can head to the rewards sections, where the countdown begins when you're done - allowing you to take one spin and reveal your Game of Guts prize.

With the Game of Guts feature, you have the opportunity to win up to $2,500 in cash rewards or free spins and super spins on select games.

Try the new and improved Guts Casino with its smooth user interface and exciting features such as Game of Guts. You can also look forward to an exciting new welcome bonus package upon registration if you're new to Guts Casino.

Published: April 28, 2022

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