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UK National Lottery sales skyrocket as digital tickets rise

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The UK National Lottery operator, Camelot, released their figures for the end of the recent fiscal year. As of the end of March 2020, the UK National Lottery has seen a massive rise in sales over the last year.

A huge leap of 10% from 2018-2019's figures, the company's sales clocked out at £7.9 billion over the last 12 months!

While many suspected that sales would nosedive due to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the financial and online gambling sectors, sales continued to climb. As much as £5.45 billion of that total figure represented sales made in the retail sector and in stores. That includes a boost in sales of £74.3 million over the last year.

Digital Sales on the Rise

The world is evolving to accept and expect more and more from the digital space. Even the National Lottery has experienced an evolution of sorts. Where before hopeful spenders would head down to a shop to purchase their tickets, many are looking for an online alternative. Especially in the time of lockdown and quarantine.

This tactic has proven to be a huge boost to the Lottery's sales as Camelot recorded a massive £2.46 billion in digital sales - the highest its ever been in the National Lottery's history!

While the number may be only a fraction of the total sales, it's a huge boost of more than one-third of digital sales that the company experienced last year.

UK National Lottery Doing Good

Now, when the world needs it most, the National Lottery is showing that it can put its money where its mouth is.

Many organisations around the world have felt the pinch and have been negatively affected by the coronavirus, especially those that reach out to communities in need.

In an attempt to help and spread good to those who need it, the National Lottery has allocated a whopping £600 million for good causes. This money will go to good causes in England, Scottland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

The £600 million includes £300 million from the National Lottery Community Fund, which works to provide support to food banks and other community projects.

Other important community projects supported include Well Fed, a Scottish initiative that feeds homeless and elderly people affected by the pandemic. Organisations such as these aim to not only feed people but ensure that they are looked after, can function during isolation, and are safe despite their age, disability or health conditions.

“Three years on from our strategic review, we are seeing growth across all areas of the business. Crucially, our best-ever sales performance has delivered a £200m boost to good causes at a time when the UK needs it most," said Nigel Railton, Camelot Chief Executive.

Published: June 4, 2020

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