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Super Free Spins Bonuses

Promotions are tailor-made to enhance slot playing entertainment and Free Spins Bonuses are a pivotal promotional tool to draw gamblers to casino sites. A new version of this type of bonus includes Super Free Spins Bonuses, which promote higher stake bonus fun.

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What are Super Spins?

Super Spins are similar to Free Spins in every aspect but offer much higher winning potential. Where standard online casino free spins bonuses may be set at a line stake of around 0.10 to 0.20 per spin, Super Spins are set at a higher €1 or more per spin. This exponentially increases win pay-outs by 10 times, if not more.

Some casinos will even swap out free spins for Super Free Spin. You will get far fewer spins in the trade, but the increased stake may work in your favour if you land big wins.

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