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Deposit Bonuses

At CasinoWow, we are sold out to ensuring that when you want to claim casino bonuses like these, that you do so from reputable casinos that offer a safe and entertaining environment. As such, we have endeavoured to offer you a list of the best Deposit Bonuses available online.

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What is a Deposit Bonus?

A deposit bonus is any bonus offer extended to you that requires you to deposit before the perks are added. The most common form of Deposit Bonus is the Match Bonus, which are the most popular casino promotions extended to players across the networks of online casinos. It’s a bonus where the casino offers to meet you halfway in an attempt to extend your bankroll management and maximise your time playing games on their site. These bonuses work in favour of you and the site.

In order to claim these bonus fund offers, you will be required to place an initial deposit. The casino will then meet your deposit up to the percentage stipulated in the offer. A working example would look like this:

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