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Guide to keeping your online casino account safe

Published by Stelly | October 26, 2023

In the online gaming industry, players get the thrill of new games, fun features and daily promotions. There’s a lot that attracts players to online games, but is playing online safe or a risk?

We take a look at the current cybersecurity trends and provide tips on keeping your account secure.

How to keep yourself safe in the online casino world

As an online casino player, you can’t only rely on online operators and game developers to keep your details safe. While it’s always better to play at regulated sites that use the latest security technology, you should also take measures to ensure you can enjoy gaming online more securely.

How to Stay Safe When Gambling Online?
Detailed guide on keeping your online casino account safe. 

But what exactly can you do to create a safer online casino experience for yourself? There are a couple of things, actually. Take a look at these protective measures you can implement:

Secure payment methods

One of the first things you can do for your own security is to choose a secure payment method. Older methods like Direct Banking and Debit Cards are no longer the only or most preferable option.

Methods that are more common include virtual cards that are restricted, e-wallets, or cryptocurrency. With digital payment methods and currencies, there are additional safety features and the option to enjoy anonymous gaming without ever exposing your personal banking details.

Trusted connections

One of the pro tips for online gameplay is to ensure your connection is secure. This means only connecting to an internet connection you trust, like your mobile service provider or home Wi-Fi. It’s not advisable to play games when you’re making use of public Wi-Fi.

Any public form of internet connection can have a negative impact on your gameplay and make you vulnerable to fraud and scams.

Strong passwords

While online software providers put in the effort to help you create strong and secure passwords, it is advisable to check and change them regularly. Don’t stick to the same password all the time, and definitely don’t use one password across multiple accounts.

Choose a specific password for your online gaming account and make sure that you change it regularly. More importantly, don’t share your password with anyone. Keep it confidential.

Credit Alerts

Another important safety recommendation is to set alerts for your credit card and other payment methods. With alerts via text or email, you’ll always be aware of your current spending and any account irregularities.

If your account has been hacked, you’ll instantly be able to take steps to keep fraudsters from emptying your account. It’s also a nice way to keep track of your current online spending.

Software Updates

If you’re using apps or downloadable software, you will often get notifications about a new software update. While we are creatures of habit that don’t always want to upgrade or update our accounts, it is necessary, especially in this digital age.

If you refrain from installing the latest updated software, you could be vulnerable to attacks. Rather take the time to install the newest software than risk your account and cash.

Don’t Share Your Account Information

Just as with your passwords, you should always keep any sensitive information safe. This means never giving out any account details or banking details. Respectable sites will never ask for passwords or sensitive information.

Be wary of those who ask you to share personal details, especially the CVC of your credit card or account passwords. Keep that information on lockdown. And refrain from accepting wire transfers from other gamers.

Responsible Gambling

It’s important not just to keep your account details safe but also yourself. With this, we mean to embrace responsible gaming initiatives and not get stuck in a gaming loop that could potentially lead to gaming harm. It’s always better to implement measures to play games safely and in moderation.

Most sites have limitations in place that allow you to safeguard against possible gaming addiction or future gaming problems. This includes account limitations like Deposit Limits, Win Limits, Loss Limits, Reality Checks and the option to self-exclude.

Implementing these measures might not seem necessary, but it’s best to be rather safe than sorry. As you implement additional security measures to keep your account information safe, so should you implement measures to keep yourself safe.

Try Demo Games

Another great tip for safe gaming is to play games in free-play mode before you register at a site or play for real money. The majority of modern games are available in free play mode with demo versions that can be loaded similarly to real money versions.

These games don’t cost real cash but also don’t bring in real money wins. They are a great way to test new games and also the workings of the operator before you decide to start playing for real.

If you’re having doubts about games or operators, always try the demo versions to help you decide.

Licensed Gaming Platforms

Another important thing to do is check that the site you plan on playing at is licensed and regulated by respected gaming authorities. It’s even better if they’re regulated by multiple gaming authorities.

Licensed sites are monitored and must adhere to strict regulatory requirements to provide players with a secure betting experience. This means their safety measures are always the latest and most advanced that technology has to offer.

Cybersecurity trends in the online casino industry

Online casino gameplay comes with plenty of perks, but there are also concerns. One of the biggest concerns is security, especially with the recent cybersecurity hacks that have occurred since the beginning of the year.

As with anything online, the biggest challenge is ensuring a secure betting experience for all users. It’s because of this that online gaming sites have increased and improved their safety measures by using the latest technological advancements.

Some of the cybersecurity trends currently in the industry include:

The Best Form of Encryption

Encryption technology is used to convert data into code that can only be deciphered by authorised parties. This technology is used to protect all sensitive information you provide online. It allows casinos to have more security with online transactions, login, and account registrations.

The majority of operators make use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). It’s known as a trusted technology that protects your personal information. It also protects against possible fraudulent activity and is compliant with regulatory requirements.

The standard used by the majority of operators is 128-bit SSL encryption. Some use 256-bit SSL encryption, which is considered a higher level.

2-Step Verification

Something you’ll also see appears more frequently is two-step or multi-step authentication. In most online casinos, there will be added layers of security to make accessing your account more difficult. The first is a username and password. The second would be sending a unique OTP to your email or mobile device.

Only once you’ve gone through both steps will you be given access to your account. While it can be tedious, it does ensure your account is more secure.

Password Creation

Most sites will have guidelines and requirements in terms of your password. Today, it’s common for a site to require you to make passwords with 8 or more digits that include numbers, letters, and symbols.

The more difficult your password is, the less chances there are for others to guess your password. So, even if there’s no multi-step authentication, it’s not that easy to get into your account.

Incorporating AI

A new addition to online gaming security is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI is used to recognise speech and solve problems. Not only does AI benefit the sites in learning and adapting to player needs, but it also provides a safer and more personalised gaming experience.

It can be used to identify any fraudulent activity or spot cheaters. It will also recognise those who are blacklisted or used self-exclusion. It monitors for suspicious behaviour and possible game malfunctions. With AI, operators can track and analyse any possible security threats to create a safer gaming experience for online players.

Safest online casinos

Before you jump to play at any site, you need to take into consideration your account safety. While the features mentioned above are top-grade, there’s always a risk, and one can’t just sign up with any online gaming platform.

In order to have a more secure betting experience, you need to join a trusted and secure gaming platform.

As mentioned above, it’s important that sites implement the latest security and are licensed by respected gaming authorities.

Aside from licensing, the sites should have a reputation for being trusted, player-focused and secure. To make sure you’re playing at a site that incorporates the latest security measures and provides the most secure gaming experience, you can check out our list of the safest casinos.

All the sites mentioned here on CasinoWow are licenced, regulated and secure. You can check out the recommendations and read detailed reviews on all the sites before deciding. With these detailed reviews, you can get all the information you need on the site’s safety, the regulations, and all it has to offer, from the game variety to the promotional offers.

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