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The safest online casinos

Published by Stelly | April 1, 2019 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

Which are the safest online casinos?

When you contemplate starting to gamble, you will find that there are hundreds of options to choose from. With online gambling being one of the most popular activities at the moment, there are new casinos popping up daily. The key is to find an online casino that meets your needs, not just regarding gambling but also safety and preventative measures when it comes to problem gambling.

It might seem like problem gambling is something that only happens to others, but it can easily happen to anyone getting too caught up in the moment. It’s incredibly quick to lose control and have a hobby turn into a destructive habit. When playing at the right online casino, you will find that they supply you with a variety of tools to control your gambling and also prevent any addiction from forming.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular online casinos and how they aim to help players prevent possible gambling addiction while still allowing them to have the time of their lives, and also how to spot gambling sites online.

Problem gambling can happen to anyone.
Lets see how some of the most well-known online casinos encourage responsible gaming through their platforms.

Casumo Casino

Casumo Casino is not your everyday online casino. This site is built to entertain and excite players through more than just their games. The site was launched in 2012 and has since grown to become one of the go-to online casinos for players all across the globe.

The casino can be accessed from anywhere at any time via your mobile, tablet or desktop device as long as you have a strong and stable internet connection. This award-winning online casino comes with 100% secure payments, fast withdrawals, customer support in various languages, and spectacular weekly promotions. When playing at Casumo Casino, you also get to level up the more you play and score plenty of rewards while doing so.

What makes Casumo Casino extra amazing is that they are passionate about keeping players on the right track. Their main goal remains to provide players with fun entertainment in a positive manner. To help players remain in control, they have several steps players can implement to remain in charge of their gaming. Players get to set their spending budget, which will help limit their spending for a certain timeframe.

They can also set their deposit, wager and loss limits. This means that before you start playing, you can decide how much you will allow yourself to deposit for the month, how much you can wager throughout a certain time period, and at what loss limit you get cut off when it is reached.

For many players, the biggest problem is chasing their losses. With Casumo allowing you to set your loss limit and preventing you from placing any bets until the loss limit has reset, it will keep you from overspending, getting into debt or developing a problem.

For players who are developing a serious problem and need to take more drastic measures, there are self-exclusion options where you can close your account for a certain time period or you can take a break. When the chosen period is over, your account will be automatically reopened.

Guts Casino

If you’re looking for a top-rated online casino, then Guts Casino is definitely one to consider. This online casino was launched in 2013 and is fully licensed and regulated by the Swedish Gambling Authority and the Malta Gaming Authority. Guts Casino is also no stranger to entertainment and spoils players with plenty of fun activities and giveaways. They have a superb range of games to choose from that have been provided by the top providers in the industry.

Guts Casino is known for its hassle-free and speedy payouts, superb customer service and a wide variety of games and payment options. The casino is all about what the player wants and needs and has therefore implemented a range of preventative measures players can take to remain in control of their gaming experience.

When playing at Guts Casino, players can take control of their gaming with 4 different types of limit settings. There are deposit limits that allow you to choose how much money you can deposit into your account over a certain time period. There is a net loss limit that helps you control the maximum amount of money you are willing to lose over a certain time and wagering limits to help you curb the wager amount that you place in a certain time period.

Finally, there is also a nifty little session limit which you can use to choose how long you want to stay logged onto your account. By using the latter, you can choose a timeframe you are comfortable with, and if that time has exceeded, you will be logged out.

In an effort to keep players to their limits Guts Casino has implemented a 24-hour cool-off period that will start counting down when players want to reset their limits. This will force you to wait before you can change your limits and possibly reduce your urge to dive in or risk chasing losses.

Rizk Casino

Rizk Casino is famous for its weekly Rizk Races, where players get to indulge in fun little races against other players for cash prizes and other casino-related rewards. The casino was launched in 2016 and has managed that time to establish itself as one of the best and most beloved online casinos.

This online casino is run by Captain Rizk, and he is all about giving you more for less. The casino is extremely popular due to its transparency, honesty and the real fabulous rewards they provide. While it’s all about the fun and games at Rizk Casino, they also aim to help players manage their gambling.

When playing at this fabulously user-friendly online casino, you can set your deposit limits, loss limits and session time limits, much like at Guts Casino. The casino also has the additional option of allowing you to freeze your account for 24 hours or permanently close your account should you require to do so. During the 24 hours timeframe, your account is frozen you will be unable to access your account.

Enjoy these reputable casinos here:

In addition to promoting ethical gambling habits, Casumo wants to offer fair and secure gaming options.

With Guts Casino you may play online casino slots safely and securely, knowing that they are licensed by some of the most strict authorities.

Rizk is a reliable partner and has licenses from strict regulatory authorities, giving you a secure environment to enjoy your games.

How to spot fake gambling sites

When you’re playing online casino games and claiming exciting casino bonuses, you want to do so in a secure gaming environment. With the industry experiencing such massive growth, there is also the risk of entering fraudulent or fake gambling sites.

If you want to enjoy a secure gaming experience, we suggest choosing from our list of recommended top online casinos. When it comes to recognising fake sites to avoid them, there are a few things you can look for.


One way to instantly spot an untrustworthy site is by taking a look at its bonuses and promotions. You will note that the terms are either too inviting or non-existent. Always look for casinos that have transparent terms and conditions. And if the welcome bonus offer feels like it’s way too big, it probably means it’s too good to be true.

Fake Software

The industry is filled with promising software providers that create the most exciting games. You get trusted game providers and a few rogue providers. The best thing to do is opt for a casino that stocks games by the most reputable software providers. If a provider is unknown, a quick search can tell you if they are licensed and secure or should be avoided.

Unfamiliar Payment Providers

Always check out the list of payment providers available at the casino. Make sure they provide you with secure and trusted banking options. If they only have unfamiliar payment methods you’re not comfortable with, rather avoid the casino and opt for one that lists the most familiar and secure option to play with peace of mind.

Unknown Licence

The safe online casinos will be licensed and regulated by respected gaming authorities that are familiar among industry operators and players.

This includes:

If the site you want to play at does not have licensing visible or seems to be licensed by an unfamiliar gaming authority, it’s best to steer clear. Sites that aren’t licensed by respected gaming authorities, such as those mentioned above, are more often than not scams.


These three online casinos are among the top-reviewed casinos on our site and have spotless reputations. Their efforts can help you keep your gambling fun and clean by providing players with complete control over their gambling through various limits set in place, as well as other preventative measures.

Gambling should always be considered fun, where losses are almost always guaranteed, and winnings are a bonus. If you feel like you might be developing a problem, take a look at our How to Play Responsibly Guide for signs of addiction and information on where to get help.

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