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Comparing mobile apps on different devices and online gambling for real money

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Explore real money casino gambling in 2023 via your device using the mobile casino version or casino app.

The online casino industry always evolves with new technology, allowing for expansion and advancements. What started with desktop gaming eventually expanded to mobile gaming.

Today, it’s uncommon for an online operator not to offer players any form of mobile gaming activity, whether via a mobile casino app or an on-the-go website.

With mobile gambling, you can play a wide range of mobile casino games and place sports wagers while on the move. Most players today prefer online gaming for real money via their mobile devices.

Mobile casino options

Mobile gaming is not exclusively accessible via one type of device. It is available for all types of devices, especially on modern technology.

Android and iOS devices have different operating systems, so when it comes to mobile casino apps, you’ll often find that casinos have separate apps available via the Android or iOS app store.

There was a time when both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store had a ban on real money casino apps. But those companies have since eased their grip and now feature select gambling apps.

Comparing mobile apps and browser play

How do we decide which platform to play our favourite games on? We'll now weigh the advantages and disadvantages of those two choices so you can make your own decision.

Casino apps tend to have faster speeds and sharper graphics specifically tailored for your device, whether Android or iOS. And with the streamlined navigation, playing games or funding your account becomes easier. Another benefit of casino apps is that you can stay logged in and rejoin your game whenever you open the app up again.

On the other hand, casino apps take up storage space on your mobile device, and often, the game range is smaller than the desktop site.

The mobile version allows you to play games instantly via your browser without first having to download the software. It also gives you access to the full game library directly via your mobile device and saves storage space. If you want to get the maximum out of your mobile gameplay, check out our recommendations for the top 5 mobile casinos.

Be aware that mobile gaming sites can be harder to navigate, and you must sign in every time you visit.

Whether you prefer to play via the mobile app or mobile browser, both offer you the chance to enjoy quality games on the go. On top of that, top game providers will always have special promotions exclusively available to mobile players.

Are mobile casino apps safe?

If you plan on playing online casino games and prefer a mobile casino app but are concerned about safety, you’re in the right place. All online casino apps and mobile versions are safe and secure. Respected gaming authorities license them and have to adhere to strict regulatory requirements.

They undergo regular checks for safety and quality, ensuring that gameplay is fair and the software remains secure. In terms of security, they utilise SSL data encryption, safe passwords, and trusted payment processors.

Safety is an important part of the online gaming experience. If you want to enjoy secure mobile entertainment but are unsure which platform to join, browse the CasinoWow list of recommendations. All mobile casinos and casino apps have been vetted and reviewed to ensure they meet the requirements of a top-rated and immersive gaming environment.

Published: December 1, 2023

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