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March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month in Canada

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March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness of the issue and the available tools and treatments.

Online gaming is a source of entertainment that continues to grow in popularity enabling you to play quality games from leading suppliers. With the ease of access, a wide supply of games and a booming industry comes concerns and issues.

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness of the issue and the available tools and treatments.

It’s Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM) is a ‘grassroots’ campaign dependent on the participation of state affiliates, organisational and individual members, state health agencies, gambling companies, recovery groups and healthcare organisations.

The aim is to host conferences, provide training, run social media campaigns and other activities. This is to increase public awareness of problem gambling and what sources and tools are available to help with prevention, treatment and recovery.

The goals of the campaign

For this year’s PGAM, the National Council on Problem Gambling’s theme is “Celebrating 20 Years”.

The main goals are to increase public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of prevention, treatment and recovery services. It is also to encourage healthcare providers to screen clients for problem gambling.

The 14th of March is Gambling Disorder Screening Day, and the event educates and supports healthcare providers in screening for gambling disorders for players at online casinos in Canada.

Ontario on board

The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) is grabbing the bull by the horns and approaching the crisis with evidence-based guidelines. These are in place to assist players in Ontario casinos in minimising the risk of developing gaming problems.

The Lower Risk Gambling Guidelines include:

  • Not to gamble more than 1% of the household income before tax per month
  • Not gambling more than 4 days per month
  • Not gambling on 2 types of games regularly

BetMGM joins the fight

BetMGM is also joining the efforts to encourage players to play responsibly. The company is a leader in sports betting and iGaming across North America, and its latest marketing campaign is dedicated to problem gambling. It is collaborating closely with GameSense to create a strong message that reaches players and impacts them.

What is GameSense? It is a Responsible Gaming program developed by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) and licensed to BetMGM. It is integrated across all digital platforms and provides a range of tools that assist players with maintaining control.

Players can limit excessive spending, access various resources and connect with professionals should they have a gambling problem. With this new campaign, all consumers and players can find the tools to play responsibly.

What is problem gambling?

If you play online casino games, chances are you’ve seen Problem Gambling mentioned once or twice. Many know of problem gaming, but not all grasp exactly what it is. Some might be struggling without even not knowing it.

Problem gambling is a hidden addiction, and unlike other addictions, there aren’t physical signs that can alert those around you. Visible symptoms are smaller and can often have a greater impact on you personally and financially.

Making the industry safer

One of the primary focuses for all affiliates, online gaming sites, healthcare providers and participants is to make the online gaming industry a safer place.

Online casino games are a great form of entertainment that can quickly become dangerous when the right measures are not taken.

With Problem Gambling Awareness Month, the aim is to focus on how to prevent problem gambling and how to treat it.

Published: March 10, 2023

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