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Australia launches new BetStop self-exclusion platform

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BetStop is a brand-new self-exclusion service that is available across all six federal states within Australia and aims to protect vulnerable players.

In Australia, legislation and regulations regarding online gambling have always been a hot topic. The main concern is keeping players safe & promoting responsible gambling, and this has become even more apparent with the launch of a new self-exclusion platform.

Australia launches BetStop self-exclusion platform

A brand-new self-exclusion platform called BetStop has just been launched by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

This voluntary new service was announced in July and is now available across all six federal states in the country. This affects all licenced operators in the Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory, and Tasmania. All of the operators in these states will required to register their player databases with BetStop immediately.

Amanda Rishworth, Social Services Minster, commented on the new service, saying, "With the introduction of BetStop, all measures under the National Consumer Protection Framework have been realised, with significant action taken by our Government in just over a year."

"We recognise that minimising the harm caused by online gambling isn’t a set-and-forget exercise, and I eagerly anticipate collaboration with my state and territory counterparts on future measures to continue this positive change. These steps will notably reduce the harm of online gambling. For many, it will be life-changing," added Rishworth.

What does BetStop bring to the table?

A self-exclusion program such as BetStop has a lot to uphold and requires that services are both useful and easy to activate. The aim of the BetStop system is to help protect vulnerable players by offering the following solutions:

  • Players can instantly self-exclude from all gambling services.
  • Self-exclusion can range between 3 months to a lifetime.
  • It applies to all licensed wagering services, including both online and phone-based.
  • Operators will implement a new customer verification process to cross-identify players.
  • A national public awareness campaign will educate Australians on self-exclusion.

Platforms such as BetStop are designed to help players, and this goes a long way in doing so. That’s why Australia has strict laws in place to protect players who need a helping hand. You can learn more about how the country handles responsible gaming in our Australian gambling regulations guide.

Self-exclusion around the world

The act of being able to self-exclude from online gambling services is an important one that many countries around the world have already adopted.

  • In the United Kingdom, GamCare is available to all players who feel that they need a break from online play. It is one of the largest self-exclusion services in the world and is often the standard that many other services are compared to.
  • Throughout Canada, there are multiple self-exclusion programs available. The Responsible Gambling Council is a central source of information that provides links to each of the services.
  • The Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen (CRUKS) is available to players in the Netherlands. This is maintained and managed by Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) - the country’s official gambling regulatory authority. CRUKS works through the DigiD system, a Dutch ID program for online services and government websites.
  • In Sweden, Spelpaus.se is the main self-exclusion program that can be set up in a matter of minutes. The site offers players the ability to quickly and easily complete the required steps by providing either a Mobilt BankID, Freja eID+, or Foreign eID.

No matter where you play around the world, gambling safely should always be the number one priority. Play safe and gamble responsibly.

Published: August 28, 2023

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