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Greentube Pro 2.0 a virtual lifeline and social casino solution

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Greentube Pro 2.0 is the latest social casino solution assisting land-based casinos in engaging players virtually.

The popularity of the online casino industry continues to grow with more players actively engaging in online gameplay.

While this is fabulous for online casinos it has not been as beneficial for land-based casinos.

Greentube is changing the game by turning the tables with the official launch of their improved B2B social casino solution.

Greentube Pro 2.0

The new B2B social casino solution, Greentube Pro 2.0 by Greentube's subsidiary, BlueBat Games enables land-based casinos worldwide to remain connected to their players. Keeping them engaged with exciting casino content through social gaming.

The enhanced Greentube Pro 2.0 comes with more engaging monetisation features, allowing these casinos to maximize revenue. On top of that, players will get to enjoy an amplified casino experience which is bound to increase retention rates for these casinos.

The games and features were already quite popular but now appeal more to real money players generally focusing on land-based casino gameplay.

There are over 183 games from 5 different industry suppliers to choose from. The new features and content will be added over time, to keep things interesting and fresh.

The very first to roll out the feature is The Stars Entertainment Group in Australia. Migration of existing clients to the new solution will take place by the end of the third quarter of 2021.

New products and customer feedback

The Chief Operations Officer at Greentube, Georg Gubo, reveals that the idea of the new product is to provide land-based casinos with a social casino product that enables them to engage with players outside of their land-based properties.

Gubo also mentioned that the product is especially relevant to the establishments forced to remain closed at the current time. With Greentube Pro 2.0 these land-based operators have access to cool features and tools that will increase player loyalty. The entire project is to help operators engage and retain players until it is possible to return to the land-based establishments.

Miruna Bicoli, BlueBat Vice President of Product & Management is ecstatic about rolling out the enhanced version of the Greentube Pro solution.

Their focus currently is to improve the Customer Retention Management system while providing premium tools that maximise revenue and player engagement.

The BlueBat Vice President said that they are eager to see their clients on the new platform and even more excited about releasing the range of additional features that will ensure the social casino industry remains highly competitive.

What is social casino gaming?

Social casinos can be put in two sub-categories: free social casinos and those offering real money adventures on the side. The latter allows players to enjoy the perks of free social gaming while taking part in a range of real money-winning adventures. These casinos include plenty of thrills such as additional gamification and, of course, real money rewards.

What truly makes social casinos so enticing is the interactive gameplay they offer which is not always game-focused. And if you find yourself a bit confused, remember that while social casinos do have several similarities to regular online casinos, they are mainly focused on turning up the entertainment factor.

With social casinos, you get to create your own avatar and watch it climb the ranks of reward systems as you progress in your gameplay adventures. The idea is to take on other players, complete missions, and collect different types of rewards which range from trophies and other collectables.

For more information on social casinos or a list of the top social gaming sites, be sure to read the detailed CasinoWow guide 'What are social casinos for real money?'.

Published: April 12, 2021

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