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What are social casinos for real money

Published by Kally | January 13, 2019

Can you play social casinos for real money?

While free social casinos are fun for novice players or those not looking to spend money, there are social casinos that offer extra adventures and fun for real money. These online casinos provide players with real money winning opportunities, real money rewards and extra gamification.

Social casinos are highly popular because they offer more interactive gameplay, not necessarily in the available games themselves, but in the additional adventures and tasks added to your profile. Players can experience the thrill of beating other casino players while making real money wins.

What makes Social Online Casinos different from regular online casinos?

Social Online Casinos might be mistaken for regular online casinos but they have some elements that make them unique and provide a more entertaining gaming experience for players. The idea behind these online casinos is to take the player out of reality and into a virtual world where anything is possible.

Much like make-believe, these online casinos allow players to be anything or anyone they want to be online through gamification. Once you sign up at these social casinos you get to create an avatar that will represent you in this virtual world. As you climb up the ranks your avatar will be awarded additional elements or accessories to make it even better.

In this virtual world, you get to complete missions and take on other players or virtual avatars for big rewards. Some rewards are as simple as trophies or non-money-related collectables, while others are more rewarding such as free spins that will help you make more real money wins.

Social Casinos provide players with the best of both worlds. You get to play the latest online slots, table games and others, while also building your online “reputation” and establishing yourself as one of the top players.

About the virtual world

Social online casinos are built around a virtual world, city or island where you level up and get the best awards from playing at the casino and completing certain tasks. Social online casinos have managed to attract hundreds of players with their unique gaming experience and their exciting virtual reality. Each social casino has a unique storyline waiting to be explored, and while in essence, it might be all the same it’s quite different.

Let's take a look at this online social casino and the experience it has to offer!

Casino Heroes

At Casino Heroes, players get to create an avatar that will represent them as they explore the three different islands of the casino. Each island has different goals waiting to be reached and the goals can only be accomplished if a player manages to complete all the regions of the island. Each island hides a variety of mystery treasure bags that include rewards such as free spins, free cash or coins.

The biggest mission in each region is to defeat the boss. Think of the games you played as a child and how each level brings more missions, but the end mission leads you to take on one strong character who seems nearly impossible to beat but brings the biggest rewards at the end of the day.

All your rewards obtained from your treasure chest will be kept safe in your personal treasure chest. These rewards include treasures such as rubies, bonuses, free spins and useful objects that can help you throughout your game. While playing and competing, you can simply grab the items you need from your treasure chest. The rubies you gain are also the currency used at Casino Heroes.

The more rubies you manage to obtain the better, as these little gems can be used in the Ruby Store to buy different items to further increase your gaming experience. The big fight against the Region Boss is a thrilling experience, and if you’ve collected many weapons from treasure-hunting on the island, then you’ll have everything you need to defeat this mighty warrior.

For an unreal gaming experience, social online casinos are the way to go

Social online casinos are still relatively new but they are quickly becoming the go-to option for casino players. Regular online casino entertainment is fun but it can get boring to just play your preferred slots or table games without any additional excitement.

Playing at Social Online Casinos provides an escape from reality where you get to interact with other characters in a virtual world, create your avatar, build your reputation by gathering trophies and other collectables. At the same time, you get to play your favourite online casino games for real money wins.

It’s fun, it’s rewarding and there are always new promotions popping up to help you on your quest and get you to level up quicker.

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