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The first WowAwards winners and Wow birthday celebration

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CasinoWow's first ever WowAwards Players' Choice and the final votes - who won and who got 2nd and 3rd place?

This year we at CasinoWow, decided to give you, the everyday players and readers, a chance to make a choice. It was up to you to pick the most exciting and trustworthy casinos online by selecting in different categories your preferred casino brands.

This was the first ever WowAwards campaign that ended with great success on *drum-rolls* our 3rd birthday celebration!

We thought, why not excite our anniversary of being online for three years by calculating all votes for the different casinos and announcing the winners? Happily, the 12th of February and the 13th of February turned out great not only for us and our celebration but also for all winners in the four categories!

Congratulations to all winners of the WowAwards

Today, while also celebrating love and cheering for St Valentine’s Day, we are announcing the winners in the WowAwards.

For this year’s award nominees, we chose to separate them into four categories, and we are now sharing with you the winners in each one:

Best Crypto Casino

#1. BitStarz
#2. BitKingz
#3. Gamdom

Best New Casino

#1. GoSlot
#2. CrocoSlots
#3. Highroller

Best Streamer

#1. Slotspinner ⭐
#2. SpinTwix
#3. LetsGiveASpin

Best of the Best Casino

#1. King Billy
#2. Casino Friday
#3. BitStarz

Celebrating 3 years and the road ahead for CasinoWow

Happy Birthday, CasinoWow
3 years of being online - CasinoWow's Birthday

The WowAwards were a great start for this year, and we are happy to say that they were a huge success, enjoyed by the casino brands, our partners, the players, and us. Of course, it may come to you as no surprise, but CasinoWow will turn this event into an annual occurrence.

We are already starting to give a thorough and detailed look over all casino brands that will be nominated for best sites in 2023.

As for our birthday celebration, looking back, we are more than proud of the path we’ve taken and more than excited for what’s more to come.

2022 was a big step forward for us that gave a start to our even more ambitious goals. Not to give away the secrets, but if you stay with us during 2023, there will be many surprises and so much more to keep you entertained and informed with.

CasinoWow’s appreciation

And last but not least, we want to thank everyone that became part of our Wow family during those years in one way or another.

Thank you to all of you, our readers, for always following us for the latest news, guides, game releases, and casino reviews that we share with you. You are the reason we work hard to keep you informed and safe during your gambling experience online.

Thank you to all of our partners for the support and loyalty that makes us feel confident. Working together is a pleasure.

And, of course, thank you to everyone that participated in the first WowAwards!

Now, what’s next? Stay tuned, and let’s find out together!

Published: February 13, 2023

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Article by Stelly

CasinoWow Contributor

Hey there! I am Stelly, and happily, I'm part of CasinoWow's content team. It excites me to be able to write and share with all gambling enthusiasts unbiased reviews and news that contribute to the gambling community and industry. Thankfully, I also have the chance to help you make an informed choice for casino brands and games, as well as provide interesting guides and news.

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