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Action Spins and exciting gameplay available for Nolimit City players

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Enjoy faster spins and share the results with friends via the new Action Spins feature from Nolimit City.

One of the top-rated game providers, Nolimit City, always finds new and exciting ways to rev up entertainment.

With Nolimit's innovative ideas and unique casino games, there are no limits on your gaming adventures. One of the latest additions to their entertaining options is Action Spins.

What is Action Spins?

Nolimit City is known for pushing the boundaries when creating online casino games and features for players to enjoy. Their latest addition to their impressive portfolio includes the Action Spins feature.

This feature gives you the kick you need with high-action gameplay on unique game titles. With Action Spins, you can enjoy regular base game spins or bonus rounds faster. It also indicates the number of wins and lets you track your progress.

There are many benefits to using Action Spins, starting with faster gameplay. The feature enables you to take your gaming to a new level with rapid gameplay. With this feature, you can speed up the pace and take multiple spins in a few seconds.

It also has an option allowing you to switch between modes. You can play the bonus features via the regular game mode or Action Spins. This is an excellent way to control your game session and switch modes effortlessly.

Another significant benefit of Action Spins is entering a new social dimension. Every winning round can be replayed and shared with others.

Games that support Action Spins

The feature was released on December 5, 2023, and is available at most Nolimit City casinos.

Many highly entertaining online casino games already support Action Spins. While the list is small, the collection keeps growing as every new online slot released since December 2023 is added.

Some of the popular games featuring Action Spins include:

Explore this haunting and daunting slot, featuring unique elements such as Mystery Symbols, Bonus rounds, Wilds, and the newly introduced Action Spins.

In the gameplay of Jingle Balls, players can savour not just Action Spins but also explore three diverse mechanics, bonus rounds, and encounter special symbols.

Indulge in the thrill of Action Spins during your Mental gameplay and anticipate a host of special features, including fire frames, deceased patients, and enhancer cells.

Other titles include Nine to Five, Ugliest Catch, Road Rage, Folsom Prison, and Deadwood.

How to use Action Spins

Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to use Action Spins at one of our recommended online casinos.

  1. Head to a Nolimit City casino to register or log into your casino account.
  2. Open any Action Spins-friendly game and click the star.
  3. Click on the Action Spins tab.
  4. Select your bet amount and the number of rounds.
  5. Click START and play bonus rounds in-game through Action Spins.
  6. Lastly, replay and share your winning rounds with friends.

Where to try the Action Spins?

Action Spins are ideal for players who have a preference for high-speed gaming. When active, there is little effort required from players. Once you've selected your spins and bet amount, the spins are enabled, and you can watch the sped-up action.

Remember that the Action Spins will be turned off in select markets. Still, per the provider, they are open to feedback regarding enabling it in more regions based on regulatory requirements.

Operators will also have the option to turn off the feature if it doesn't match the rest of their offerings. The feature is also unavailable on older games from the creator; however, considering the player's interest, this might be changed with revamps or remakes of the older slot titles.

Action Spins are available on select games by Nolimit City. You can try this exciting feature at many top Nolimit City online casinos.

Published: January 15, 2024

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