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MCK slaps iGaming Ontario with a legal challenge

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The MCK has filed a legal challenge to fight the alleged framework of iGaming Ontario, which ignores protocols.

The gaming industry is run by respected authorities controlling the regulated market.

Authorities are put in place to ensure players have access to a safe and respectable community. While many authorities are moving steadily ahead, it seems iGaming Ontario is under fire from the MCK.

MCK steps forward

The MCK has been in charge of facilitating, conducting and managing a safely regulated gaming industry on behalf of the Mohawks of Kahnawake for decades. With the newly launched iGaming Ontario authority stepping in, there is a new rivalry underway.

According to the MCK, the new regime is not following the right protocols as they continue to ignore the expertise they have in the gaming sector. They also claim that it will lead to reduced revenue for the Kahnawake tribe.

Back in October 2022, iGaming Ontario made the promise to crack down on all operators active in the province without one of their licenses. This means all operators, including those casinos licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

According to the council Chief, Mike Delisle Jr., these actions are resulting in significant losses of important revenue for the community. He continued by saying that up to the point where these actions were taken, they were operating legally, safely, and successfully across Canada.

Being shut out of operating in Ontario, the biggest Canadian province, will only have devastating effects on a source of revenue that has fueled various programs and services within the community over the past twenty years.

While a legal challenge was the last resort, the council stated that any previous efforts to work peacefully alongside the government had been ignored. Ultimately leaving them no choice but to take drastic measures.

A legal battle

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake (MCK) made its move recently, launching a constitutional challenge against iGaming Ontario and the Attorney General of Ontario.

They stated that the changes were illegal and unconstitutional, contesting the re-interpretation of Section 207 (1) of the Criminal Code. The latter permits all providers to regulate single-event sports betting.

According to the MCK, iGaming Ontario is not conducting or managing gaming that takes place on private operator sites. Instead, they are allowing operators to conduct and manage themselves while requiring operators to pay them a portion of their revenues.

The MCK continued, stating that not only have they managed to safely conduct and regulate gaming in the area for decades but also claims that this regime turns a blind eye to their expertise and leads to massive revenue losses for their community.

The notice was filed in the Ontario Superior Court on 28 November 2022. The biggest concern is the framework which they believe disregards the long history and rights of the First Nations to operate and regulate secure and responsible gambling.

While the MCK has previously operated in Ontario through its own subsidiary, Mohawk Online Limited, it is refusing to submit to the new framework. As a result, it has been shut out of the Ontario Market.

MCK is fighting back for its own and other First Nations, and as the government has ignored motions to participate in dialogue, they have been left with no choice other than to proceed with the legal challenge.

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