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Top Online Casinos Licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Where money and entertainment are involved together in the same place, history has proven that control is needed. For this very reason, gambling commissions and regulatory boards exist across the nations to ensure that a safe and fair environment is maintained for all. One such tribal regulator is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC).

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KGC Pros & Cons

Kahnawake Gaming Commission FAQ

Can I file a complaint with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission?

You should email written complaints to [email protected]. All complaints must contain the relevant details regarding the complaint, and steps taken to address the issue with the operator. Complaints must be submitted no less than 7 days and not more than 6 months after the subject matter of the complaint first arose.

How and when was the Kahnawake Gaming Commission established?

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established in 1996, making it one of the oldest online and land-based casino regulatory bodies still operating today. In 1999, their scope expanded to include online casinos.

How strict, difficult and time-consuming is the licensing process?

Applying for a Kahnawake licence is not particularly complex. It is more difficult and time-consuming than Curacao, but less than the red-tape burden of Malta. Outsourcing services are available. An online gaming license can take 4 to 8 weeks to process. Licensees must host their websites on Mohawk Territory servers.

Is there a player protection scheme by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission?

Yes. Kahnawake gambling licences imply responsible and fair gaming practices. They ensure that interactive gaming is conducted responsibly and honestly, and payouts are timeous. Players’ complaints are taken very seriously and are dealt with in established protocols. Casinos under KGC have mandatory systems to protect players’ sensitive data, set player limits, and curb problem gambling.

How can I self exclude myself from playing at all casinos licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission?

Should you want to register for the self-exclusion list for licensees of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, you should fill in the self-exclusion request form, citing all sites from which you wish to exclude yourself. This allows you to sign up for a 1-year, 5-year, or lifetime ban on your gaming habits.

How costly is it to acquire a Kahnawake Gaming Commission license?

Before the application is processed, a fee of $40,000 must be paid to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, of which $10,000 may be refundable if the application is denied. This amount includes the first year’s licensing fee as well as the Key Person Licence Application. It also includes a due diligence assessment.

In which countries Kahnawake licensed online casinos can operate?

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is one of the leading license providers for online gambling sites in the world. Kahnawake-licensed casinos can offer services to most jurisdictions where remote casino gambling is permitted. They serve major global e-markets of Europe, Asia and North and South America, with over 250 individual web-based casino operations licensed within the region.

Gaming Regulation

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) presides over casinos registered within Mohawk Tribal Territory inside of the Canadian borders. There are over 250 individual web-based casino operations licensed within the region. The fact that the KGC registers remote gambling operations in Canada is being overseen by the Canadian government. In Canada, it is illegal for remote casinos to operate from within the borders of the country. The only lawful operations are the state-based ones that offer to gamble only to the residents of the country.

The KGC was founded in 1996 and first began licensing casinos in 1999. Prior to the recent arrival of US-based gambling commissions, Kahnawake was the only North American Licensing Authority. Its casinos can offer to gamble to most jurisdictions around the world where gambling is permitted to remote casinos.

The Commission was instituted for the governance of gambling operations based in the Mohawk territory, where it ensures that the following regulatory guidelines are strictly maintained:

  • To ensure that interactive gaming is conducted responsibly, fairly, and honestly.
  • To prevent the association between gambling activities and criminality.
  • To ensure fair gameplay and prompt payout to winners.
  • To protect under-aged players and vulnerable gamers.


For the sake of the industry and the public, all casinos and gambling operators wanting to operate legitimately within the KNG jurisdiction are thoroughly vetted before any permits are given for trade. The procedure takes around 4 to 8 weeks to complete, after which interactive vendors are given a 6-month preliminary permit so that the Commission has a chance to review live operations of the business before permanent licences are awarded.

The cost of a Client Provider Authorisation permit is US$20,000 per year, while a Key Person Permit, for each manager and financial officer, is US$5,000 each per annum. The initial registration is US$40,000, which includes a due diligence assessment and the first year’s fees.

The application process involves a 5 step submission:

  1. Application for Client Provider Authorization.
  2. Business Entity Information Submission.
  3. Key Licence application by any key manager.
  4. Personal Information Forms to be submitted by all:
    - Company directors.
    - Shareholders owning more than a 10% stake in the company.
    - Persons are applying for a Key Licence.
  5. Control System Submission (Platform and software analysis).


One of the great attractions for operating from the Mohawk Tribal District is the fact that many of the operators do not need to pay taxes on any of their income, as the ‘grey-market’ does not report to the government of Canada in this regard.

❗️Players playing at KGC casinos are urged to adhere to the tax laws of their own respective countries, by declaring winnings where needed!

Benefits of KGC for Online Casinos and Gambling Operators

One might wonder why casinos would bother with the costs and extensive vetting to trade online. Some ‘rogue’ casinos go it alone, but the benefits are clear for casinos under licence in this jurisdiction. They include:

International Protection: The KGC has signed partnerships with various other regulatory bodies, ensuring support in other jurisdictions, should things go awry. Being a registered casino means that as an operator, you enjoy the full protection of the network.

Huge Bandwidth: The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is widely accepted around the world in countries and jurisdictions where remote gambling practices are allowed. Being a registered casino includes you into that access.

Status: Veteran gamblers would far sooner play at a licensed establishment over an independent one. Holding a KGC licence is a status symbol that tells the players that they can rest assured of premium entertainment and a good ethical base.

Low Tax Rates: We mentioned before that certain casinos may enjoy a 0% tax rate when operating from within the borders of Mohawk Territory. This is a big added bonus for an operator in this jurisdiction.

Benefits for Players

The regulations, laws and requirements of the KGC over its affiliated casinos ensure many perks for players. These are some of the things you can expect from an operator licensed here:

Responsible Gambling: The casinos under KGC must have tools available on their site to set player limits and curb problem gambling. These awesome tools can be used by anybody wanting to watch their budget while playing online.

Data Protection: Multi-layer encryption is mandatory on all KGC sites, which ensures the protection of your sensitive data on any of the licensed sites.

Easy Access Rules: The rules to all games offered are easy to understand and easy to find on all KGC sites, maintaining optimal convenience for players.

Dispute Resolution: KGC has a dedicated department with a resolution officer on hand to deal with disputes from players about casino practices. This form of customer support makes you feel at ease when using one of these sites.

Wide Spread of Games: Kahnawake licensed operators are well known for the variety of casino games that are offered on their platforms. You are able to access titles from some of the best gaming provision studios in the world.

Quality of Software: The vetting process of all casino software prior to the issue of licences is extensive, ensuring that players are rewarded with smooth, trouble-free platforms that perform optimally.

Quick and Fair Payouts: One of the most punted values of the KGC is their intolerance of casinos that do not pay winnings out timeously. KGC casinos are therefore well known for their fast payout protocols.

What Online Casinos to look out for?

Some great casino sites are offering first-class entertainment from Mohawk Territory. Some of the brands include:

Casino Friday: Casino Friday is a fairly new operator in the Kahnawake jurisdiction offering players a modern environment, where every day feels like a Friday, there is a choice of 2000+ games and Evolution Gaming ensures the most immersive Live Dealer casino experience possible.

Jackpot City: Launched in 1998, Jackpot City has garnished many years of operator experience, offering a premium web casino, with over 650 games on Microgaming software.

Royal Vegas: Royal Vegas has been treating its customers like the royal family since 2000. The white and red tone casino interface attracts players from far and wide, who are looking for a good time at the slots, VR tables, and Live seats.

CasinoWow Round-Up

CasinoWow recognises good regulation when it sees it. Although a little is more liberal than regulatory bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority, the licensing body has proven to be a watchdog that has players’ interests at heart.

Feel free to play at KGC vendors to appreciate the innovative software that comes with great administration.

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