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GambleAware creates better tomorrow with a 5-year-plan

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GambleAware reveals a five-year strategy to minimise gambling harms and improving the quality of life in the UK.

Gambling is becoming more and more popular as a preferred gaming option among players across the globe.

With the advancements in technology the level of entertainment, it provides increases by the day. As the entertainment levels and player interest grows, so does the number of problem gamblers.

In light of this GambleAware has come up with a new five-year strategy focusing on improving the quality of life and minimising gambling harm.

An integrated approach

In their pledge, GambleAware states they will take an integrated approach to assist the UK's public health and community stakeholders in minimising problem gambling harm across all levels of society.

The charity reveals its five-year strategy dedicated to bolstering its social directives relating to research, education, and treatment (RET) of problem gambling and the impact it has on vulnerable communities within the UK.

The Organisational Strategy has four key objectives:

  1. To develop an awareness and understanding of gambling harms.
  2. To increase access to services and simultaneously reduce gambling harm inequalities.
  3. To increase the capacity of health and community services so there is a better response to gambling harms.
  4. Ensure overall improvement of coherence, accessibility, diversity, and effectiveness within the National Gambling Treatment Service.

The CBE Chair of Trustees, Kate Lampard, states that the vision is to create a society where everyone is protected from gambling harms and that the larger groups of problem gamblers have access to the right treatment for long-term recovery. Lampard continues by saying that this can only become a reality if gambling harms are clearly understood and the right mechanisms for prevention are put in place.

Better treatment services

A central part of the new strategy is securing long-term financial investments from UK gambling operators to help fund the charity's RET directives. Securing this long-term funding makes it easier for the charity to fulfil its duty in making and procuring services and investing in new measures to prevent gambling harms long term.

The increase in investments based on a public health approach is divided into three categories: Universal, Selective, and Indicated. With this new approach, GambleAware can deliver a program that works while maintaining a coordinated network of services and ensures responsible gambling.

It also enables further collaboration and growth of the National Gambling Treatment Service while ensuring the highest standards in care and service provision for the future.

To date, GambleAware has enlisted more than 40 programmes across the UK covering research, evaluation, education, and treatment in order to help achieve the long-term goals.

The goal is to create a society safe from gambling harm and by expanding its reach and collaborating this becomes possible. GambleAware also states that effective prevention requires a coherent and coordinated whole system approach that acknowledges all other organisations, individuals and networks playing a key role within the system.

We even remember last year many donations were made through tough times, including the donation to GambleAware from the Gambling Commission.

Victory in Unity

According to GambleAware CEO, Zo Osmond the way to achieving the best results is by working together. Creating a safe society free from the harms of gambling means working together. This includes individuals, industry professionals and organisations.

With more certainty in funding, the charity can develop and implement long-term commissioning plans to assist with timely and effective support from their side.

Osmond states that within the next five years they aim to build the accessibility and effectiveness of the National Gambling Treatment Service. The aim being that progress is significant enough that these programs can continue long after the 5-year mark has been hit.

Published: June 17, 2021

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