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New 7-star hotel and casino resort in Fiji could be on the way

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Fiji could be looking at a boom in tourism with the possible building of a Casino Resort that focuses only on tourists.

Engaging in online casino entertainment can be enjoyable, yet there is a unique appeal to the atmosphere of land-based gaming.

There are many ways to enjoy live gaming at different entertainment venues. A popular option is a casino resort where you can access different forms of entertainment besides gaming.

Casino resorts are trendy and make a lot of money. It's no surprise then that the latest news is that the Macau junket group wants to build the first-ever Fiji Casino Resort.

Casino resort for Fiji

The Macau junket operator David Group recently revealed the plans to create a $2 billion resort development in Fiji, making it the first-ever casino there. It will feature a gaming floor, 1,000 rooms and a 7-star hotel with various forms of entertainment, including retail, restaurants, a rugby stadium and a Disney-style theme park.

If the casino resort gets approved, it will be located in Southern Denarau or Wailoaloa, Nadi. According to the project head, Sandeep Singh, the first phase of the development costs about $1 billion, and it includes the stand-alone casino and 1000-room luxury 7-star hotel with indoor entertainment, including a shopping mall, business centre and conference rooms.

The project's second phase will cost another $1 billion and focus on the Disney-style theme park, an indoor rugby stadium and entertainment complex. The casino resort is the perfect opportunity to diversify the Fiji tourism sector and bring in more tourists from different regions, including China.

Protecting the local community

While this is a great option to boost tourism in Fiji, there are plans to protect the local community from exposure to gambling problems. The locals will not be allowed access to the casino. Strict security protocols will be in place to ensure the requirement is met.

According to the Minister for Trade, Co-operatives, small and medium enterprises and Communications, Manoa Kamikamica, the government is aware of the plans for the casino. Still, there has yet to be any discussion.

In line with Mr. Kamikamica's perspective, there is no government backing or support for casinos. Establishing a casino concerns the locals, so it is an issue to be handled with care and wisdom.

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka also said that while they may have their views on the matter, it will be treated, and all stakeholders' interests will be considered, especially those in Fiji.

The David Group is willing to agree to a 5% gambling tax and also to establish a charity trust with members of religious, civic and government stakeholders. On top of that, the group will provide $500,000 to the Ministry of Sports annually to develop grassroots rugby.

The impact on Fiji

Having a massive resort in Fiji can lead to different results. One thing is sure: it will bring in more revenue as tourists explore the idyllic location and enjoy gaming entertainment while at it.

On the other hand, the excitement will end with tourists as residents will not be allowed to visit the casino. There is a massive debate considering that the $2 billion casino and hotel with over 1000 rooms will not be open to locals.

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Published: January 19, 2024

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