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The future is AI and it's taking over in 2024

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AI is trending and reaching new heights with its limitless uses. Will the way we do business change forever?

AI has become a household name, with users taking advantage of its increasing knowledge in several areas. AI is fast growing and used for different aspects of each user's life, from writing school essays to doing the groundwork for a critical business report.

AI is here, and there is no getting rid of it now. Let's embrace what it offers and see how companies, employees, and even online casinos can use it to their advantage.

Regulating AI

As AI is still relatively new and individuals are just figuring out how best to use it in their everyday lives, governments need to understand how this valuable tool can be regulated and ensure proper protocols are in place so as not to lose the human voice as time goes by.

Several AI tools like ChatGPT can be great for gathering information faster when used correctly. However, misusing this tool can lead to laziness and nullify any reason to request to connect with human beings on topics like business trends and essential information.

ChatGPT and AI trends

ChatGPT is likely the most popular AI tool available due to its connection with famous business entrepreneur Elon Musk and the publicity it achieved during its launch. Since then, we have had access to several other platforms offering the same service.

Several companies use AI tools like ChatGPT for customer support, as this is an easy, effortless way of ensuring customer satisfaction with limitless questions and answer combinations. 

AI is integrated into chatbots, live chat customer support at online casinos, and voice-automated Q&As, delivering human-like responses. We have already written about How ChatGPT can elevate your online casino player experience, so if you'd like to get more details on the topic, please read our piece.  

Dr Nishamani Patabendige, lecturer in data at The University of Law Business School faculty, commented on the rise of AI, saying:

"Recent advancements of ChatGPT have allowed for more advanced capabilities to engage with customers. If implemented successfully, these conversational chatbots powered by ChatGPT can potentially increase sales and enhance productivity at an unprecedented level."

The use of AI technology is growing exponentially worldwide, especially in the UK. A specific area of AI growth is e-commerce.

The Metaverse and AI Trends 2024

Regarding AI, the response is as fast as your internet connection. The idea behind AI-operated customer service is quick and detailed responses. While users have the choice to talk to a human eventually down the line, this system allows several attempts for AI to understand your question on the first try.

There will likely be a big focus on AI in the Metaverse as technology improves and more people become familiar with virtual reality. The Metaverse has drastically changed how we shop, invest, and enjoy entertainment, as each person can customise the experience.

If you are an online casino lover, you can get helpful information from our article: Is the online gambling world ready for the Metaverse?.

AI is used in various businesses to provide realistic examples of their services. Therefore, a considerable trend will focus on virtual reality during e-commerce shopping, providing a natural, out-of-this-world experience.

An increased use of AI will lead to an even more significant need to regulate the virtual tool, Dr Patabendige says:

"Governments have a huge role in regulating AI and implementing governance for advanced workplace technologies. We had massive hype about AI, but its capabilities were limited just recently. Now, if you use ChatGPT, you can see how advanced and human-like conversations are. It doesn't mean it's 100% perfect, but we are at a turning point."

Along with the increased use of AI in businesses, it is very popular on entertainment platforms like online casinos. The growth of online gaming is endless, with new ways to use the tool popping up daily.

On some platforms like online gambling sites, AI is used for fast and effective customer support, and online casinos can, therefore, decrease costs by using an AI chatbot instead of paying employees to assist punters. Read more about AI and Machine Learning: The impact on online casinos.

AI is here and will continue to integrate into different businesses as companies will soon realise that they have the world at their fingertips with a simple yet all-knowing, cheap, fast, and effective tool that will surely increase to develop and become the top trend in 2024.

Published: December 22, 2023

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