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Unraveling the Money Train slot series: Similarities and differences

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A closer look at the similarities and differences of the Money Train slots series by Relax Gaming.

There are online slot games that have become so popular that providers can’t help but board the bandwagon and create follow-ups. This is the case for Relax Gaming’s Money Train slot, which has seen several versions released over the past few years.

The latest to the Money Train Collection is Money Train 4, released in September 2023.

Money Train slots series

Relax Gaming has been on a roll and quickly grew in popularity, specifically thanks to their Money Train slot series.

There are a couple of things the slots in the series all have in common, and that’s their respin feature, the big win potential, and the high volatility.

Similarities also include the Wild West theme, which is a golden thread that ties these slots in the series together. Along with that, all the slots come with special multipliers.

That being said, every one of the slots in the series comes with its own max payout potential, with the later releases featuring higher payout potential than the initial game.

So how do they differ?

The slot that started the series, Money Train, awards wins up to 20,000x in your stake. It offers big win potential and the Money Card feature. The game is quite simple with a Wild West theme. It is played on 5x4 reels with 4 pay lines. It comes with a return to player percentage of 96.2%, stacked symbols, wilds, and a Money Cart Feature. The latter is a respin feature with special multipliers.

As it’s the first, we can say it’s the template or foundation on which all the following Money Train games are built. It also has the highest minimum bet of €0.30.

Money Train 2 awards maximum payouts of 50,000x your stake. It comes with even more features and is played on 5x4 reels with 40 pay lines. The game has a return-to-player percentage of 96.4% and a minimum bet amount of €0.10.

The slot comes with two bonus features, which include respins with sticky wins during the base game and the Money Cart feature. It also increased multipliers and a range of new symbols with double the value of other games. In nearly everything, the second slot release is an upgraded version of the original.

Money Train 3 awards you with maximum payouts of 100,000x for your bet. It follows the same gameplay pattern as the original, with 5x4 reels and 40 paylines. It has a return-to-player percentage of 96.10% and a minimum bet amount of €0.10.

Like the previous game, it comes with respins and sticky wins in the base game and a respins feature with special multipliers. The game is different in some ways, such as the edition of special symbols, which includes a Persistent Shapeshifter that can transform into other special symbols.

Join the latest 4th release of the well-known Money Train slot.
Join the latest 4th release of the well-known Money Train slot and enjoy the upgraded features.

Money Train 4 is the latest release and comes with a chance to win 150,000x your stake. It is still a Wild West theme but comes with a futuristic design. The slot also comes with a 6x6 gird with scatter pays.

There are respins, sticky wins, and multipliers waiting to be triggered. Then, the Money Cart Feature, which includes 20 special features. It can be played for as little as €0.10 and a return to player percentage of 96.1%.

Which Money Train slot is the best?

While there’s something special about the original Relax Gaming games, the provider has always put much effort into improving gameplay and enhancing entertainment with each new game.

The maximum win amount for all the slots varies with the latest, also featuring a different grid layout than the rest. The theme remains similar, but changes are made to bring a new adventure and not keep things 100% the same as with the slots before.

The Money Train 3 slot is a firm favourite with all the additional extras, such as the Persistent Shapeshifter. Money Train 4 is still new but quickly gaining popularity for its fun layout, high-quality graphics, and bonus features. Not to mention the massive 150,000x max win potential it offers.

Published: October 23, 2023

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