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The 10 most successful poker players of 2020

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2020 brought many challenges but these 10 successful poker players managed to conquer and thrive throughout the pandemic.

It's been a rather interesting year with lockdowns, event restrictions and other limits put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the poker players around the world, this has led to many live tournaments being cancelled or changed into online festivals and online poker games.

Many believe that 2020 has been a big hit for live poker, especially with the limits put in place.

Poker players still managed to keep their skills polished and collect their share of wins despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Take a look at the top 10 most successful poker players of 2020.

Timothy Adams

In the first place, Canadian Timothy Adams boasts $5,854,376 in winnings for the year. Adams has two Super High Roller Bowl victories in both Australia and Sochi. These victories indicate that Adams will definitely be a force to be reckoned with during 2021.

Kahle Burns

Australian player, Kahle Burns, lands in a comfortable second place with $2,906,321 in winnings. The player has been making a name for himself since he first stepped into the high stakes games back in 2016. During 2020, Burns has managed to earn enough to earn a spot on the top 100 all-time money list.

He managed to score an impressive six-figure earning from the PartyPoker Live Millions tournament and in Sochi. His biggest win was $1.1 million from the Australian Super High Roller Bowl in Melbourne.

Mikita Badziakowski

This Belarusian player has raked in $2,672,403 and is one of the players to keep an eye out for. One of his most prominent results for the year was 3rd place in the Super High Roller Bowl in Sochi where he earned $1.6 million. He also scored a $765,000 win in the $51,000 entry event in Sochi.

Other than that, the 28-year-old boasts two impressive runs in the World Series High Roller events. He is one of the top poker players set to dominate in 2021.

Paul Phua

In 4th place is the Malaysian player, Paul Phua with earnings of $2,595,000. Phau received top results from five cash tournaments in Sochi over 8 days. These produced two 8th place results, one runner up and two back-to-back victories.

His best wins came from no-limit events that required $100,000 and $50,000 to play.

Cary Katz

The owner of Poker Central, Cary Katz, enjoyed a year of high roller events earning him a few thousand in the bank. These wins also ensured Katz a spot on the list with the biggest win for 2020 being the Short Deck Hold'em event in Sochi.

Here he finished runner-up to Timofey Kuznetsov cashing in $780,000. The player has gone all out with eight cashes in high roller events throughout 2020.

Christoph Vogelsang

The German player, Christoph Vogelsang, earned a solid $2,400,000 throughout 2020. This poker player landed all of his earnings from the Super High Roller Bowl in Sochi where he managed to earn second place.

Vogelsang has been making headlines since 2019 with his gameplay capturing the attention of many in the industry. He is a player with a sixth sense for the game and expected to remain a threat in years to come.

Michael Addamo

Australian Michael Addamo is in 7th place with a solid earning of $2,114,017 for 2020. The player received most wins during the home country campaign where four cashes and over $1.7 million in results came via the Aussie Millions crusade.

Addamo finished the runner-up in the WSOP $10,000-entry Heads-Up Championship earning a further $223,488. All in all, Addamo is one of the most profitable players in 2020.

Aaron VanBlarcum

Aaron VanBlarcum is a US player that seemed to appear out of nowhere. There is very little information on this poker player before 2017 other than one live cashback in 2008. Since 2017 this player has become one of the biggest names bringing fear to his opponents.

The player took part in the 2020 Aussie Millions where he cashed over a million. Throughout 2020 he also had four cashes in Sochi during the PartyPoker Live Festival raking in another half million with Short Deck and No Limit Poker.

Phil Ivey

In 9th position, there’s Phil Ivey who is no stranger to Poker events and players. The US player managed to rake in most of his 2020 wins from four cashes all in a single week in Sochi.

The player raked in $856,050 in wins during the Super High Roller event, scored a runner up prize in the $51,000-entry, and finished in 5th place during a $100,000-entry event in March. The biggest wins for this player have stemmed from Short Deck events.

Alex Foxen

Finally, in 10th position, there is Alex Foxen, another popular name on poker lists. This US player’s wins are mainly from the WSOP Online Series results. He finished the runner up in the AU$100k Challenge in Melbourne winning $762,334 and won the $25,000-entry PokerGO High Roller event in Las Vegas earning $249,950.

Foxen is one of the modern poker greats and is slowly but surely confirming his place in the poker history books with each win.

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