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From NFTs to Spingo – Casino entertainment in brand-new ways

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2024 starts with the launch of Spingo by Mecca Bingo, a combination of spin classes and Bingo for fitness and wins.

One thing about the gaming industry is the constant improvement and innovative ideas to appeal to all types of players.

No matter what type of entertainment and activities you enjoy, you're bound to find a form of gaming that appeals to you.

One of the most exciting gaming options launched in the new year is Spingo - Bingo spin classes with Mecca Bingo.

Fit and fun Bingo style

If you want to enjoy gaming and get fit simultaneously, then Mecca Bingo's new Spingo concept might be what you're looking for. With Spingo, the innovation team combines a good workout on an exercise bike with playing Bingo.

The spin instructors will also be the bingo callers, hosting the classes from their spin bike saddle. They will be across the UK.

One of the biggest inspirations for this new concept is a recent survey by Mecca, which revealed that 43% of the nation is looking to get fit as a New Year resolution. Another 22% believe that exciting workout concepts will be more beneficial and motivate them to stick with their fitness goals.

With these results, Mecca Bingo has mixed its expertise with extra excitement, adding workouts to the mix.

Sticking to New Year's resolutions

One thing about fitness-based New Year resolutions is that they never seem to last. Around 65% of UK residents have stated that they have made fitness-related New Year's solutions previously. A further 25% revealed that they had given up on these resolutions by the 10th of January. Another 36% called it quits halfway through the month.

A big reason for this is that gyms need to be more relaxed or exercise needs to be more exciting. Some dread the whole health kick in January.

Mecca Bingo Head of Innovation, Sarah O'Neill, believes that bingo and spin classes have much in common, including the pace and adrenaline-pumping competition. It's one of the reasons that they are so excited to bring players a new way to exercise and shake up their expectations.

Instead of boring workout routines, there's the option of Spingo, which enables you to get fit while standing a chance to hit a jackpot prize.
Around 49% of participants revealed they would be interested in attending these Spingo classes.

New forms of entertainment

Offline and online casino platforms are still growing and are always looking at new and exciting ways to entertain players. For land-based casino players, the entertainment goes beyond the machines on the casino floor. Instead, players can access live buffets, different prize draws, and live music

Lately, more casinos have hosted art exhibitions, giving players and visitors a different type of experience. These are done creatively to break away from the usual kinds of exhibitions.

Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City hosted exhibitions in 2022, where they brought Van Gogh's paintings to life via a 30,000 sq/ft display. Take a sneak peek at our article on Land-based vs online casinos – How your favourite spot attracts players?.

At the same time, online gambling sites offer a similar activity through NFTs. You can trade and claim NFTs in online casinos, anything from famous artworks to exclusive merch and unique history pieces. These can often be won while participating in gameplay or tournaments; you can also receive them as loyalty rewards from leading online casino platforms.

Would you like to know more about these digital art pieces? Check out our dedicated guide: The ultimate guide to NFTs and online gambling.

With different forms of entertainment blended with casino entertainment, everyone gets to enjoy something different. It's also a great way to draw in new players and expose them to the various forms of casino entertainment available

Published: January 22, 2024

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