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BitStarz Casino unlocks fiat library for crypto players

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The crypto player game library expands as BitStarz unlocks fiat-only games with a new conversion feature.

Many online casinos are already packed to the brim with great gaming experiences. It's thrilling to have a wide range of casino games to choose from, with the possibility of more to come.

While traditional gamers have had this experience for quite some time, crypto players had a slower start. Now, crypto-friendly sites like BitStarz Casino are making changes with a larger game range accessible with better options for BitStarz members.

Crypto players get more

Innovative crypto betting sites like BitStarz are constantly looking for new ways to increase the entertainment options for loyal players.

This is seen once again in their latest moves to embrace the crypto gaming community and get them more accessibility. That being said, the operator has also made it clear that while they try to ensure all their games are crypto-friendly, there are still software providers who don't cater to the crypto community yet.

With so many fiat-only providers, the options were much more limited for BitStarz players. However, this is being changed, and in the past month or so, the provider has moved to reduce the limits.

They just introduced a new in-game conversion future that will allow players to switch between crypto and fiat games. In doing so, they've managed to move past the currency limitations. Players are free to deposit in crypto and still enjoy the wide range of fiat-only games.

How does the BitStarz conversion feature work?

The new BitStarz Casino conversion feature can be used throughout the site. You can start by picking a fiat-only game and launching it. Once the game is launched, you will be asked to pick a fiat currency you would like to play with.

Then, the feature will convert the crypto to fiat currency using the latest exchange rates to ensure players enjoy a seamless betting experience.

If you're a player used to depositing using BTC but wish to try a game that currently doesn't support cryptocurrency, you can use the feature. It will pop up as the game is launched, and BitStarz will even suggest which fiat currency can be used for betting.

If you place a bet of $1, the conversions back to BTC will be done in the background. So you don't have to worry about the nitty-gritty details and simply focus on enjoying the game.

With the conversion feature, players can enjoy playing any of the 5,000 games in the library no matter what currency they're used to. The feature can convert crypto to USD, EUR, RUB and NZD. Giving you various options to choose from. 

Some popular games crypto players can enjoy without worry for the first time thanks to the feature include Easy Gold, Mad Cabs, Zodiac, Book of Mega Moolah and Terracotta Army.

BitStarz Casino once again shows its dedication to players and their needs with the conversion feature. Members of the platform get to enjoy games for the first time that previously were unavailable to them.

We can only hope that more online gaming operators take this as inspiration and attempt to do the same for their own community of crypto players.

Until then, crypto players can head over to BitStarz if they wish to expand their selection of game options without constant manual conversions and transfers, thanks to the effective conversion feature.

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