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X to become the next sports betting hub

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X forms a partnership with BetMGM that will make wager on your favourite sports online easier.

The platform formerly known as Twitter has seen some exciting changes in the past few months. One of the biggest is the name change from Twitter to X.

Elon Musk's social site continues to expand its reach, with the latest talks showing signs of embracing online gambling.

X as a gaming hub

Recently, X partnered with the popular sports betting platform BetMGM to diversify the site's revenue stream. The deal is a strategic move of Elon Musk's brand to enter the world of sports betting integration on social media.

With the new exclusive sports betting partnership between X and BetMGM, the platform's odds and branding will be integrated into X, with all casino games linking to the BetMGM website and app.

X users within the U.S. will have the opportunity to explore betting odds on pro football at first. Other professional and college sports will roll out in time. With the new interface, bettors can click through to reach BetMGM and place bets easily.

According to the company, the integration will continue to evolve over time, and according to X, the future versions could make it even easier to bet via the social site.

Sports is a popular topic, and according to X CEO Linda Yaccarino, this new partnership will have fans feeling like they're in the front row with the opportunity to cheer on their favourite teams and wager at the same time.

Yaccarino posted, saying: "Sports never sleep on X. And now with BetMGM, we'll bring fans on X even closer to the action to cheer and now bet on their favourite teams."

Since the acquisition of X in 2022 by Musk, the vision has expanded as Musk aims to branch out and turn the website into an everything app where you'll get to do everything, including gaining access to media and text posts, creator content, live and recorded videos, payments, online shopping and subscriptions.

There are no details on how X will be able to generate revenue from the deal, but many believe there is a set agreement in place considering the integration work that will take place on their end.

BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt stated that X is the centre of the sports world's conversation 24/7. Gaining direct access is an ample opportunity for BetMGM to expand its reach and engage a passionate audience. Greenblatt continues saying he looks forward to BetMGM being able to add intel and content that would enhance interactions surrounding sports.

BetMGM raking in partnerships

While the details remain under wraps, BetMGM is focusing on strategic partnerships and agreements in 2024.

The betting platform recently partnered with Charlotte Motor Speedway, a well-known motorsports and entertainment venue. Allowing it to access and grow its reach in the North Carolina betting market as soon as sports betting is legalised.

BetMGM also launched the NHL Gold Blitz online slot officially endorsed by the NHL late last year. It's a 6x4 video slot featuring logos from all 32 NHL teams and the NHL shield. The game is developed in partnership with Digital Gaming Corporation's B2B iGaming Division.

BetMGM has a 17% market share in U.S. online sports betting and is considered the third largest competitor for sports betting in the country. It's just behind popular brands DraftKings and FanDuel.

Meet us on X

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Published: February 28, 2024

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