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What will gambling look like in 100 years?

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The future is bright, and there's a lot to look forward to in the gambling industry. We delve into what gambling may look like 100 years from now.

The world is constantly changing, and there's always something new and exciting to look forward to. If we consider what technology looked like even 20 years ago, we could never have imagined that life would function the way it currently does.

While the world moves and evolves in its own way, it's fun to consider what could be waiting up ahead. Watch movies like Back to the Future, and you'll see that visionaries thought we'd have flying cars and hoverboards by 2020.

Unfortunately, flying cars aren't quite a reality just yet, but there are many other exciting aspects to living in 2022.

We live our lives on screens, from working to ordering food, watching movies, and online gambling – it's all done from the devices we use for everything.

So what does that mean for 2100? And what would it mean specifically for the world of gambling? We can't know for sure, but there's no doubt that the gambling industry will still be alive and thriving 100 years from now. Let's take a look at what else could be waiting in the wings.

Adapt or die – Sink or swim

One of the most important aspects that online gambling regulators, casinos and game creators know to be true is that the industry must adapt. This is the only way to survive the future and avoid being stamped out by the competition.

Just as Google took over from Yahoo and the iPhone stamped out the Blackberry, casinos and the games they offer must keep getting better.

The technology used by online gambling operators and game providers has already grown in leaps and bounds since 1994. But what can be done next? There's a large focus on navigating and improving technology such as AI and VR.

With the rise of the Metaverse and the eventual move from gaming on screens to gaming in the virtual world, this is a must.

It doesn't mean that gambling as we currently know it will die out any time soon, but there's a good chance that the way we play today won't exist in 100 years.

Just as the world has moved on from writing in notebooks to using laptops and iPads to do business, so will the iGaming industry move on from screens to something… more? Or perhaps just something different. Right now, the only possible option is VR and AR gambling.

Small steps moving forward

Technology as we currently know it is believed to be just the beginning. The early days of gaming and gambling. It may not seem like it, but playing tech like the Nintendo Switch, the Oculus headset, and even innovative games like Pokemon GO will soon be 'out of date'.

So, where does that leave us right now? When it comes to online gambling and embracing the changes that are already in motion, small steps are good.

There are a few things that we know are definite for the future:

Regulated markets - We're set to see a spike in the number of regulated markets around the world. Online gambling will only continue to grow and successfully be regulated in many more countries globally.

The Metaverse – It may seem like pie in the sky right now, but the Metaverse is already growing. Whether it's the Metaverse or another virtual world that becomes the norm, there's no doubt that online gambling will not remain in the format we know today.

Cryptocurrency – Crypto has already grown phenomenally in a short time with players choosing more Bitcoin Casinos, and there's a very high chance that it will continue to do so. In 100 years, crypto will probably have evolved into something slightly different than what we know it as today. Virtual currency, however, will be a definite and should be embraced.

With AI in gambling taking over, a colony set to be established on Mars and the world moving from being hands-on to being experienced in the virtual universe, the future is an exciting place to be.

If there's one thing you can bank on, it's that the world will be a very different place in 100 years. Perhaps we'll even see a casino on Mars? But right now, we can only look to the future and hope for the best!

Published: August 2, 2022

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Article by Stelly

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